Miss USA 2019 Review: Idaho to Minnesota

Miss USA 2019

Idaho – Shelby is a professional Makeup artist so it’s a no brainer that she nails her pictures always and seems to have great taste in fashion. Again the question of “will that be enough for IMG”? And at times she comes across as too mature which could affect her chances but she does have a story of losing 60 pounds in her journey to Miss USA. We will see how thing will fare for her!

Illinois– This former Miss Teen USA Semifinalist holds a Bachelor’s degree of Liberal Arts in Media Communications and a certificate in Multicultural studies. She is not a stand out beauty so currently she is not in my radar.

Indiana– Tate is sweetness personified and based on her interaction with fellow girls, one could easily notice that she has a lot of warmth about herself. She has this girl next door vibe but this is Miss USA and sadly it feels like she won’t be the one to put Indiana back into semi finals.

Iowa– Pretty girl but so far she couldn’t make any impact and I don’t see it changing either.

Kansas– The biggest thrust force of Alyssa is her Confidence. She has so much conviction in whatever she speaks and that might help her to go forward in the competition. She was a semifinalist in Miss Teen USA 2013 and holds a degree in Political science.

Kentucky– One of the least talked about girls of this batch, she is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She can pull off a surprise placement!

Miss USA 2019

Louisiana– I still remember Victoria’s crowning moment. She looked so much like Miss USA 2004 Shandy Finnessey in her state finals. She is a gorgeous blonde whom I want to do really well in the competition

Maine– She is an interesting delegate with a degree in Environmental Science. She is like those girls we see every year at Miss USA giving a super model vibe. I won’t be surprised if she does well in the competition.

Maryland– This Puerto Rican beauty belonged to the class of Miss Teen USA 2014 but didn’t place that year. Facially she is a strong delegate and has improved tremendously from her Teen USA days but this is an extremely tough year and everything will depend on how she cater herself in front of the selection committee.

Massachusetts– Kelly is your typical IMG queen! She graduated with honors from Harvard University with a double major in Social Studies and East Asian studies. She worked in a corporate strategy at The Walt Disney Company and in addition has also earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. I mean look at this girl and her achievements!! She is a shoo in to make the semifinals and if luck favors, take it all!

Michigan– Interesting look and well spoken, could grab a Top 15 spot!

Minnesota– For me Cat is the face of the pageant. Her mother is Indian. She competed in Miss Teen USA 2014 and couldn’t make it to semifinals that year. Her biggest downfall is the fact that she gets lost in the crowd and it’s so painful because a face like her’s shouldn’t go unnoticed at any cost. I really hope she does well in the competition.

From this group the crown is between Massachusetts, Minnesota and Louisiana with possible upsets from Idaho.

Article by Robin Verma from TGPC

Pictures from Miss USA Website