How Halle Berry rose to stardom post Miss World 1986!

Miss World 1986

Many of you might already be knowing that Halle Berry very was one of the contestants at Miss Word 1986 representing United States. She and Miss Trinidad and Tobago- Giselle Laronde became very close friend during the contest. In the final light of Miss World 1986, Halle Berry place at 6:00 position while Miss Trinidad and Tobago ended up winning the main crown.

Miss World 1986

The new Miss World, Giselle Laronde, turned down movie contracts provided by the Miss World Organisation as she wanted to focus on her education in London, part of the winner’s package was a scholarship to any top university in the UK. Giselle asked the MWO to grant Halle Berry the movie contracts and the opportunity to travel with her around the world. It doesn’t take much brainer to understand what happened further. Today Halle Berry stands as one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. It is said that even today both of them maintain a very good friendship.

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Pictures Credits: Aston Cooke