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  1. Please let me know about “India’s Miss TGPC Season 8” audition details and how can we apply for that !

  2. Hi….Can you please tell me audition date of TGPC Miss India Season 7 and what are the procedures to apply as a contestant?
    Where can we see the updates related to the new season?

  3. Hi… Can you please tell me about TGPC Miss India Season 7 auditions dates and what is the procedure to apply as a contestant?
    Where can we see the updates about the new season?

  4. We are an American Clothing Company looking to promote all the misses on the south American and central American area! please let us know if there is any opportunity that we can catch!

    Please email me if interested!

  5. Hi,
    Andreas sarkar
    This is sagar kakar
    Producing the pageant
    Next star mrs india worldwide TV show
    NEXT star ms india worldwide TV show
    Kindly advice to promote
    My I’d

    Sagar kakar

  6. I want to know the processor to take part in TGPC and the criteria. Please ans me asap.

      1. Thanks :), remember to add the two voting tablets. El Salvador has the most voting 🙂
        over 1.000.000 votes . Thanks, I like your page is great.

  7. I notice there is a top 15 pick for the final, if that is the case why is the voting still going on?

  8. scusate ma per me non è possibile che El Salvador stia votando seriamente ogni volta che carico la pagina aumenta di 1000 voti per me non è regolare ……

  9. As a photographer how can I join your community for the next year event .Also it will be in Sharm El Sheikh?

  10. I would like to know if voting for the Bb. Pilipinas People’s choice award in this site considered official???

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