Miss USA 2019 Review: Alabama to Hawaii

Miss USA 2019

Alabama– Alabama has been sending some great girls over the past decade which included crown contenders like Mary Magret Mccord in 2013 and Jessie Ahlberg in 2014. However they couldn’t get over the line when it comes to winning the crown and I’m not expecting it to change with Hannah especially at a time when IMG is more focused into achievements. She does have a very photogenic face though

Alaska– Placements for Alaska is rare although Alyssa London in 2017 pulled off a major surprise when she got the call into Top 10 in an extremely competent year. Joellen has a very striking face but I’m not sure if that’s enough for her to go forward in the competition.

Arizona– Savannah Wix was the favorite to win Miss Arizona USA and rightfully she won. One of the prettiest blondes in this batch, she has the potential to make Top 15. This former Miss Teen USA semifinalist has accomplishments in the music industry. Good for her!

Arkansas– Savannah was First Runner up at Miss Arkansas 2016 ( for Miss America ) where the winner Savvy shields went on to win Miss America and subsequently she inherited the Miss Arkansas title. Savannah has a beautiful face and an extremely warm nature. Let’s see how far she will fare in the competition.

California– Mega Favorite to win the Miss USA crown is this 27 year old stunner who is working as an employee of Google. From the moment she won her state, people have been going gaga over her and she deserves all the hype. Extremely photogenic face, fabulous projection and outstanding communication skills she has everything to win not just the Miss USA competition but the Miss Universe crown for USA.

Colorado– Another delegate who could benefit from the new direction of IMG is Colorado who is currently working as a subcontractor in a male dominated industry but I’m not impressed by her looks enough to put her in Top 15. Hope she proves me wrong.

Miss USA 2019

Connecticut– What draws me more toward this former Miss America semifinalist is her unconventional profession which is working as a broadcast journalist in the world of horse racing! I mean how many people know about it. I certainly don’t! How far she will go in the competition will depend on how successfully she transform from being a “Miss America” prototype girl to “Miss USA” type girl. So far she is looking great

Delaware– Delaware is a state which is having only one placement under its belt in the pageant’s entire history. It is expected to continue as I feel Jolisa is relatively a weaker delegate.

District of Columbia– Cordelia is beautiful but hey DC jut had two wins recently and when it comes to resume, she doesn’t have that impact of Deshauna or Kara to take her forward but does have a story about being raised in a foster care. But will that be enough?

Florida– Nicolette was first runner up to Genesis Davila at state finals last year who brought the state back to Top 5 at Miss USA. She is one of the best blondes in this edition if not the best. She is well spoken, sophisticated and has a fun side about her which I magnetic. The sunshine state surprisingly is yet to get an outright at Miss USA. Under the directorship of the Chrissley’s I’m expecting Florida to do really well this year.

Georgia– Katerina’s face is perfection and she literally is a living Barbie. She is an entrepreneur who started her own line of cosmetics and has a massive number of followers on instagram. Her close association with one of the main sponsors, Sherri Hill could actually propel her all the way to the crown. Her road towards the crown will rely on whether the selection committee will actually appreciate her looks jut by the way how unique and striking it is or ignores thinking how polarizing it is in today’s era of pageantry. She radiates posivity and confidence and that’s what matters

Hawaii- Lacie has a beautiful face but I’m more intrigue by her Teen for whom I’m totally rooting to win Miss Teen USA. So I’m unsure where to put her as I don’t think two win for Hawaii in same year will happen. Her exotic look is biggest asset and seems to be a congenial person too. Finger crossed!

Breaking down this group, I see a 3 way race to the crown between California, Florida and Georgia. All 3 are wonderful women with distinct qualities but I dare say California looks like a Miss USA competing in Miss Universe. If there is someone from this group who could create a potential upset it will be either Connecticut or Arizona.

Article Credits: Robin Verma from TGPC

Pictures from Miss USA site.