[Episode 3] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Streetwear Competition – Elite Club’s Pick

We truly appreciate TGPC’s Elite Club for their support in TGPC’s Miss India over the seasons. They provide amazing suggestions to the aspirants and play an important role in the judging process. Many of our former winners still don’t miss a chance of recounting some of the great tips they received from the Elite club. This season too the Elite club will play a pivotal role in the judging process. This week they have selected the first Top 10 finalist, the girl who they consider to be the ‘Best in Streetwear’ round. Let’s have a look at their scores.

Elite Club’s Scorecard

Congratulations Priya Shinde, you are the first Top 10 Finalist of the season!

Miss Talent Results

In the talent competition, we received many strong entries. There were dance performance. There was acting. There was painting. There was sports. Picking the Top 10 and the winners was a tough job for our experts. Nevertheless, the deed has been done and here are the results.

Winner: Deekshya Singh
1st Runner-up: Hansika Rao
2nd Runner-up: Divya Girgaonkar
3rd Runner-up: Garima Yadav
4th Runner-up: Komal Surwade

Finalists: Bonsi, Ashwini, Subhashree, Priya, Tejaswini

Congratulations Deekshya, you win Miss Talent sub-title of the season!

Upcoming Episodes

  • Episode 4, Streetwear competition [Judges’ Scores] – On 21st September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The judges will reveal their scores for the round. The scores of the judges in the three walk rounds will determine many of the spots in the Top 10. Also, in this episode, the winner of ‘Best in Streetwear’ sub-title will be revealed. She will receive a prize from Thought Ocean Entertainment.
  • Episode 5, Ethnic wear competition [Videos] – On 23rd September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The contestants shall compete in Ethnic wear. Also, the Top 10 of Miss Golden Heart shall be reveal. In Miss Golden Heart, the contestants were asked to make projects in which they pick good causes and perform activities for the good of world. The finalists will be chosen based on effectiveness and genuineness of the projects.