[Episode 2] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Streetwear Competition – Videos

It hasn’t been easy for the 22 contestants this season. For the first time, the pre-production phase of the season has been perhaps longer than the running show! The contestants had to make multiple resubmissions of the videos. The mentor Shriya Torne and the TGPC team pushed them constantly to give their best. Of course, at the end those who desire knowledge the most grow the fastest and benefit the most. We played our parts to the best of our knowledge in the grooming phase that preceded the show.


Here is the first week challenge for the contestants – Streetwear competition! The contestants were asked to present themselves in streetwear in a short ramp walk video. The judges would score them for their walk, confidence, beauty, grace and overall presentation. For ease of viewers & judges, the contestants have been divided into two groups.

Group A – Episode Video

Group B – Episode Video

Upcoming episodes this week

  • Episode 4, Streetwear competition [Elite Club’s Pick] – On 19th September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The Elite Club’s pick will be revealed in this episode. She will be the first Top 10 finalist of the season! For those who don’t know, TGPC’s Elite Club is a premium group of the pageant experts from TGPC Facebook Group. Also, in this episode, the results of the Miss Talent Sub-title will be revealed. Talent competition is a part of leader-board which will determine 3 spots in the finals.
  • Episode 5, Streetwear competition [Judges’ Scores] – On 21st September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The judges will reveal their scores for the round. The scores of the judges in the three walk rounds will determine many of the spots in the Top 10. Also, in this episode, the winner of ‘Best in Streetwear’ sub-title will be revealed. She will receive a prize from Thought Ocean Entertainment.

We feel immensely proud of our contestants for putting such strong performances. Let us know your feedback about the episode. See you on Wednesday in the next episode! 🙂