[Episode 4] TGPC’s Miss India Season 5: Streetwear Competition – Judges’ Scores

They must be disappointed. They must be hurt. They must be disheartened. Yes, we understand the plight of majority contestants who weren’t in the top of the Elite club’s scores. However, this is a competition. Falling is a part of growing. Failure is a part of success. What better way to learn and grow than to jump into the middle of it and get the real-time experience? Of course, there are fears and insecurities of being judged and ridiculed. But this doesn’t happen when the right environment is provided. That’s where we come. We strive to provide the kind and nurturing environment where our contestants can be themselves gracefully. We will applaud you when you succeed. We will encourage you when you fail. Our interest and care for you will never lessen no matter what.

Last Sunday we saw our contestants in the streetwear round. On Wednesday, the Elite club picked Priya Shinde as the first Top 10 finalist. Now the judges will reveal their scores for the streetwear round. The judges’ scores in the three walk rounds will determine majority of the Top 10 spots. Before the scores are revealed, let us first meet the esteemed panel.

Our panel of judges consists of Andre Sleigh, Bhairavi Burad, Kartik Behl and Summer Jacobs. Andre Sleigh is the co-owner of the internationally famous pageant portal ‘Global Beauties’ and a pageant expert. Bhairavi Burad is the first winner of TGPC’s Miss India. She later won Abraxas Goddess of Beauty 2017 and Miss Global International Asia 2017. Kartik Behl is the founder of Atharv Creations and a pageant expert. Atharv Creations is the title partner of TGPC’s Miss India. Summer Jacobs is the winner of Supermodel India Teen 2017 and India’s Next Top Model season 3 finalist. 

Judges’ Scores

Best Streetwear Styling by Thought Ocean Entertainment

Thought Ocean Entertainment has picked the following contestants for best styling in the streetwear round.

Winner: Bonsi Verma
1st Runner-up: Deekshya Singh
2nd Runner-up: Priya Shinde
3rd Runner-up: Garima Yadav
4th Runner-up: Muskan Kansal

Congratulations Bonsi! You win a prize from Thought Ocean Entertainment.

 Upcoming Episodes

  • Episode 5, Ethnic wear competition [Videos] – On 23rd September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The contestants shall compete in Ethnic wear. Also, the Top 10 of Miss Golden Heart shall be revealed. In Miss Golden Heart, the contestants were asked to make projects in which they pick good causes and perform activities for the good of world.
  • Episode 6, Ethnic wear competition [Elite Club’s Pick] – On 26th September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The Elite club will pick their Top favorite for the round, who will become the second Top 10 finalist.
  • Episode 7, Ethnic wear competition [Judges’ score] – On 28th September at 8 PM, the episode will be released. The scores of the judges for the round will be revealed.

Join us in the next episode for the Ethnic wear competition!