Femina Miss India 2018: Final Hotpicks

This year Femina Miss India 2018 is not easy to predict. There are many standouts and the pageant gurus are expecting a non-popular winner, a rather surprising result. It must be noted that winning back to back at Miss World can be herculean and hence the crown may not necessarily be the goal of the organization. Are they actually looking for the next Miss World? Are they looking for Miss World Top 5 caliber winner? Are they looking for a winner who represents diversity or has strong profile in terms of education or career? Are they looking for the next Bollywood star? It is the main goal of the organization (which will obviously stay hidden) that may determine the results.

This year the Elite members of TGPC group have come up with the final hot-picks. They are: Ahina, Abu, Rugved, Daniel, Prateek, Riya, Srishti, Roopa, Rahul, Harigesh, Diya, Mrinmoyee, Priyank, Rajat, Zain, Dennis, Rimzenith, and Aryans. We heartily thank them for their support and trust in their choices. Let us see who are the girls which shine in their eyes!

Final Hot-Picks

Top 15

  1. Haryana – Meenakshi reminds us of some of the beauties from Mexico like Silvia Salgado or Laura Elizondo. She is a dentist and over the days of the pageant, has won over the hearts of followers through her personality, beauty and overall performance.
  2. Delhi – Gayatri is glamorous, beautiful, well-educated, well-spoken, sophisticated and has an aristocratic vibe about herself. She can do well at any international pageant she is sent to! Probably the most “pageant ready” contestant at this moment!
  3. Madhya Pradesh – Over the days, if there is one contestant who has made a maximum shift in terms of impression among followers, she has to be Meena. Born and brought up in Uganda, this girl has an exotic face, the kind of which is highly appreciated in the western world. Someone said and we have to agree, she is like those pretty girls from Ukraine or Russia, who have rocked international pageants in the recent years. She also has an amazing catwalk, which will help her in the international pageant she is sent to and even in general during her reign as Miss India, if she wins.
  4. Jharkhand – Stefy has been in the pageant world from quite some time. She has done teen pageants and is already in the movie world. The experience shows in everything she does. It is like, she is already in the world, of which most of the other contestants have just got a glimpse yet.
  5. Punjab – When one of the TGPC experts posted about Femina Miss India in an American forum, the contestant who received mostly positive feedback was Anna. She is typically like the state winners who make it to the Top 10 in the finals of Miss USA. Her body and walk are impressive and she speaks well too.
  6. Manipur – Nimrit kept her head high where her state win caused controversy and there were personal attacks made against her on the internet. None of that affected her performance at Miss India. She has been steady as a rock, focused on her goals; such mental strength is one of the things that winners usually demonstrate, irrespective of the competition.
  7. Meghalaya – Winner of the talent round! Mary possesses the qualities that can make her a strong competitor at the Miss World pageant. Mary’s drawback is that she simply doesn’t stand out in the group and needs some time before she can leave a mark on the map of pageantry.
  8. Mizoram – Lily is a delight to watch and her smile can easily light up any stage. Would love to see her represent India on international stage someday.
  9. Karnataka – One of the tallest and well-spoken contestants this year! Bhavana is a raw canvas ready to be painted into a beautiful picture. All she needs is to find some confidence and right kind of styling.
  10. West Bengal – Probably the best speaker in the batch! If they give Prarthana the microphone, the crown is hers to lose.
  11. Maharashtra – Mehak is a stunner but she is not meant for pageants. Hopefully, the Miss India Organization transforms her from a model to beauty queen because we need girls like her to represent India internationally.
  12. Andhra Pradesh – Her beauty and personality are something that will be truly appreciated at a pageant like Miss Universe. So Shreya, if you are reading this, do try Miss Diva next year if you fail to win a crown at Femina this year. Remember, Miss Universe is the pageant where you deserve to be.
  13. Nagaland – Ropfuzhano is so exotic!! She is one of the rare kind of girls who can be molded into a pageant girl as well as a runway model.
  14. Uttar Pradesh – Himanshi has the face for international pageants but not the drive. She needs a lot of polishing before she gets chance to represent India internationally.
  15. Tamil Nadu – Her transformation from the regionals till now has been amazing. Anukreethy has nailed every single pic. Hoping to see her go far in the contest.

By the mid of this week, we shall know who are the new Top 3 winners of Femina Miss India 2018. The whole pageant has been done with so much grandeur, it would be fun to see who finally grabs the main prizes!

Picture Credits: Femina Miss India