Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner

Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner
At Miss TGPC Finale after the coronation.

Its been 2 months since Adline Castelino was crowned as the winner of Miss TGPC Season-4 and we can’t yet get over the successful season. We got a chance to get little candid with Adline and refresh the memories of Miss TGPC and her futuristic vision about utilizing this title in this exclusive interview. Let us have a look at what Adline has to say.

TGPC: What does becoming a Miss TGPC mean to you?

Adline: Being Miss TGPC gives me a sense of confidence and pride to belong to and call the biggest pageant community in India as my family that continues to support me and other TGPC girls, it is truly a blessing! I know that when I will be standing on the stage during a national or international pageant, I will always be more fortunate to have TGPC family support and guidance.

Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner
In a brand shoot with Style Groomers and image consultants Dimple Amrin.

TGPC: What made you participate in the contest?

Adline: My roommate Priyanka Bhatt told me about the Miss TGPC pageant. I am still a big fan of Priyanka Kumari and Shraddha Shashidhar. They were very unique is their respective pageants, and Miss TGPC being the first pageant to discover these talents, I had a blind faith in Miss TGPC.

TGPC. What is one thing that you absolutely love about yourself and why?

Adline: Whenever I am given a task no matter how great or humble, I put my everything and try to the best in it! I can adapt really fast and don’t hesitate to try something new.

TGPC: What is one thing that would want to change about yourself and why?

Adline: I think no matter how perfect a person is, there will always be room for improvement, one should never seize the opportunity to learn. I feel I can never say no to someone and end up with a lot of things in my platter, so now I always remind myself to prioritize and that help me work effectively.

TGPC: Has getting this title of ‘Miss TGPC’ influenced you and your life in any way? If yes, how?

Adline: Winning Miss TGPC has in a way put me in the spotlight where many have noticed me and provided me with opportunities. The influence is rather humbling and I am more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner
During Evening Gown round in finale

TGPC: We heard there was an interesting story behind your finale evening gown on why you specifically wore it. Would you like to share us that?

Adline: I wasn’t supposed to wear that dress initially as I had another black long tail dress but that didn’t work out as it was getting stuck to wooden ramp. This dress which I wore to finale is 18 years old, it’s my mom’s dress which she wore on my first birthday. I got this to finale as my lucky charm but ended up wearing it for the said reason. My Mother was so delighted I wore that dress. I literally turned out to be my lucky charm.

TGPC: Do u believe in being a team player or a team leader?

Adline: I believe I am a team leader by person who believes that it is indispensable to serve first as team player and lead by example rather by authority.

Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner
In a brand shoot with stylist Zoheb Lakhani

TGPC: Miss World or Miss Universe ? Why ?

Adline: I am very energetic and bold as a person, for whom the Miss Universe stage is a dream which has an aura of splendid energy and a platform where you can influence millions with your voice.

TGPC: If there is one thing or one advise you could to give your 10 year old self. What would it be?

Adline: Well at the age of 10 I was very futuristic and would plan for 10-12 years in advance, so I would like to tell my little self to live in the present and enjoy it to the fullest because no one except god knows about our future, so just put your heart into your work and have blind faith in God.

TGPC: What are the qualities you believe make or break the deal for you in terms of friendship and beyond.

Adline: I think that a genuine and humble person is liked by all, the way you treat people after you have it all, shows everything. This quality I believe can garner you friends and help you fulfill your desires.

Exclusive Interview: Adline Castelino, Miss TGPC Season-4 Winner
During cocktail round in an outfit from Busy Bee by Sanjana Ghosh.

TGPC. How do you plan to make the best our of your Miss TGPC title on influencing / impacting the society and the people around you?

Adline: After winning Miss TGPC, I’m glad that my opinions and my views on serious topics like childhood cancer and human trafficking are viewed by many. I would love to work with many more people regarding such issues to gain wide awareness and do whatever I can to make a difference in the lives of the effected.

TGPC. What is your message to the girls who plan to be a part of Miss TGPC in the future ?

The day you decide to participate, be ready to give it your all, this is a platform where you have nothing to loose, but all to gain. If you really dream of representing your country internationally this is the place to be!

Picture Credits: Charudatta Kale, Lokesh Bhoyar, Dimple Mehta.