Mr. India 2018 by Fashion ABCD: Vote for your Favourite

Mr. India 2018 by Fashion ABCD: Vote for your Favourite

The Great Pageant Community is proud to announce its association with ‘Mister India 2018 by Fashion ABCD’ which is to be held on 4th March at Hotel Gold Finch, Bangalore. Fashion ABCD was established in 2010 which organises pageants, Fashion events and does Celebrity Management providing platform to young talented models through Beauty Pageants, Fashion shows, and many other fashion events. The event Mr. India by Fashion ABCD an annual pageant designed to provide plate form to male talent and an opportunity to represent India at an International pageant The entrants compete in various activities including Gymming, Talent Show, Swimming and marathon running as a part of the contest. 18 contestants from across India will compete for the title this year. The finale of the show will be telecast on NDTV Good times.

As one of the global leaders in Pageantry, ‘The Great Pageant Community‘ is doing a People’s Choice poll on TGPC where we are giving a platform to pageant followers across India to vote for their favourite and show support to that contestant during the contest. You can vote for your favourite contestant as many time as you want till 2:30 PM on 4th March 2018. The winner of the poll shall be declared during the finale as the winner of subtitle ‘TGPC People’s Choice Winner’ who will have an access to free promotion on the Portal of TGPC. So why delay?  Have a look at the contestants and VOTE right now for your favourite. You can re-vote by refreshing the page after every vote cast.

Meet the Contestants of Mr. India 2018 by Fashion ABCD

Who should win Mr. India 2018 by Fashion ABCD?

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  1. Hello Mr. Sandeep Shetty hearty congratulation you deserves the Title “Super start Mr India” !! Your walk,dressing style,fitness everything is so perfect,really talented and most deserved candidate in this show, all the very best for your future endeavors, always keep rocking!

  2. Maine paehle hi kaha tha Sandeep will win title and saurabh will rule in top 2 waiea hi hua Chalo sir mujhe b kuch gift dijiye iske lie I m deserving one for right prediction 😁

  3. #VedantRaj should win this crown. He is the best. All the best Raj … From- Uttara Karnataka Fans.
    Banglorians know how to cheat, We r From ಗಂಡು ಮೆಟ್ಡಿದ ನಾಡು. Honesty is our Principle.

    • Cheating कर के तो कोई जीत जाए इसमें क्या है
      साहिल की तरह शुद्ध वोट ले के टक्कर दो तो जाने

  4. I Thnk online voting is of no use…😞finally it’s Ol depends on der performance.. Infrnt of judges. Dats it😌

  5. Zalakikar us from Uttar Karanataka if you don’t know about Uttar karanataka ask some one you all come to know about power of our Uttar karanataka 💪💪💪

  6. Noted… Action taken…!!!

    Mr. India 2018 by Fashion ABCD..
    Vedhanthraj Zalkikar is ‘TGPC People’s Choice Winner’🎉🏅🏆

  7. Our entire Uttara karnatakata is with You VedantRaj. Definitely u all be the Mr.India. We are voting from Vijayapur, Gulgarga, Belagavi, Bidar, Bagalakot, Hubli, Goa.. You r my favorite.

  8. Zalkikar is cheating and growing his votes with software
    Authority please take action immediately

  9. साहिल चौहान ही जीतेगा।।।।।।।।।
    और जीतना भी चाहिए।।।।।।

  10. VEDHANTHRAJ ZALKIKAR…… Kya drama h ye tera itni jaldi itni comment kse krra h…… Kitni try kar le Aapna Bhai SAHIL CHAUHAN he jittega

  11. Shubham whatever may be the results… ur best… It’s people here who will support their known.. ..either to cast or to community…… But one thing that will take u long in life is ur hard work. Keep going on…… YE TO SHURUAAT H…. PICTURE ABHI BAKI H MERE DOST…. ☺ ☺ ☺

  12. जीतैगा तो अपना भाई
    साहिल चोहान ही
    जय राजपुताना

  13. नौकरी सरकारी और ठाकुर की यारी किस्मत वालो को मिलती है इसलिए vote For Sahil Chuhan अपना भाई की यारी पानी है तो vote karo or jitne par party meri Taraf se. Tikana –Faridabad

  14. जीतेगा तो राजपूताने का शेर….ही
    ये साले इल्ला–बिल्ला….छटी का दृढ़ याद दिला देगा इन्हें राजपुताना…अभी तो शुरुआत हुई है…कल देखियो 2:30 बजे…
    जय जय माँ भवानी

  15. Jai Rajputana Bhai…Sahil Chauhan..
    Lath gad diyo ….veer Bhai…
    Jai ho Bhai jai Rajputana 💪🕶👳🙏😎

  16. Pathar ko
    bhi kar de paani jai bhawani jai bhawani. Jai rajputana sahil chauhan rajput hi jeetega

    • मेरा वोट साहिल चौहान को

      जय श्री राम

  17. जय जय राजपुताना साहिल चौहान भाई जीतेगा

  18. मोहित राणा उन्हेंडी यमुनागर हरियाणा says:

    साहिल चौहान जीतेगा
    जय राजपुताना
    जयराजपुत करनी सेना

  19. Shubham Birla- His actions speak louder than words👌.
    Always inspired by his dedication towards his dreams.
    Perfect man for the title✔

  20. Bhaiyo sahil chauhan ko jitana hai..jab tk lage raho jab tk site wale khud hath jhod ke ghr na bole aaye ki rehndo sahil jit gya hai☺☺

  21. Sarabjot Sandhu is the best by heart also soft spoken and cute,
    known to me from his childhood. with good wishes.

  22. Gujarat hoy ke Maharashtra ke koi b state Jeet hamesha Gujarati ki hi Hoti he

    Kashyap Soni win

    Golden Boy

  23. साहिल बच्चे चिंता मत कर भाई है यहाँ

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