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Difference between A Model and A Beauty Queen: Finally Decoded!!!

So one of the TGPC members, Nyra Sussan, raised a question in our Facebook TGPC Group asking, “What is a basic difference between a model and a beauty queen?”. This is not the first time this question has surfaced up in pageant group discussion and we have had a lot of debates and discussion over this. However, today in our group, we had some really great explanation to this question.

Difference between A Model and A Beauty Queen: Finally Decoded!!!

The best explanation came up from Jon Arenas, a well reputed pageant expert from TGPC, “A fashion model will subordinate her personality to allow the clothes/product to shine, while the beauty queen has do the opposite…it is her personality that must take center stage…the clothes are only to enhance what is already there.”

Another really good explanation that came was from Pihu Priyanka Bhagat, “Fashion models work for a brand and beauty queens themselves are brand.”

There is also a long debate about the fact whether a model could be a beauty queen, and vice-versa. We feel its possible either way. There are no hard and fast rules which says one can’t be other. You will find many other interesting answers on this question on our Group. Do have a look.

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