Miss Intercontinental 2017: 15 girls to watch out at Finale

In less than a week we will have our new Miss Intercontinental who will be crowned by the outgoing queen from Puerto Rico- Heilymar Rosario at the end of the finale. The finale will be held at Sunrise Resort, Hurghada-Egypt which has been a wonderful host so far. Our correspondent Miss Bhairavi Burad is covering the pageant exclusively for TGPC and based on our combined observations, the experts from TGPC have arrived at the list of 15 girls who are standing our right away in the contest and have full potential to win the crown. Remember, this isn’t a hotpick. We will soon be releasing our hotpicks before the finale-based on continental format that Miss Intercontinental follows. Meanwhile, read the review of the girls we feel has extremely good potential to crack the finale of MIC’17.

Australia: Elizabeth Charlotte from Australia seems to be very well prepared for the contest. She had been very actively engaging her audience with the updates of the contest. She seems to be pro and we are expecting her to deliver when it would be counting the most, that is Finale.

Brazil: One of the prettiest and well styled girls out there in the competition, Amanda Cardoso is all set to get Brazil’s 4th Miss Intercontinental crown. So far she has been impressing our panel in each and every picture we are seeing of hers. In our interaction with her, she mentioned that Brazil is putting all their heart and soul to get back the crown of Miss Intercontinental after almost 20 years.

Canada: If there was an award for captivating personality, it would be Mattea Henderson. Our team absolutely loves this girl and her outstanding personality. She has the aura which attracts you more and more every time you see her. Canada is yet to win its crown of Miss Intercontinental and it would be interesting to how Mattea fares in the finale.

Colombia: Another Latina making big waves in the competition is Lizeth Villanueva from Colombia. Colombia is a performer and when it comes to bunch, she stands out. Colombia won its last crown in 2008 and it may happen this year too.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica’s Kimberly Porras made waves when she was revealed as the best dressed contestant during a gala dinner and that when she grabbed attention of pageant followers. She is shoo in for the Top 5 spot in the finale of Miss Intercontinental 2017.

France: France has extremely photogenic face and will be the strongest bet from Europe. Jennifer Malleron has beauty that makes you like her more the more you see. Expect her to be winning the European continent and making it to Top 5.

Guadeloupe: Marcie Monfret is just a wonderful girl with extremely humble yet sweet aura. Our correspondent says she is extremely interesting person and is a very positive spirited person to be around with. Although North America is just too strong, we would really love to see Miss Guadeloupe making big in the finale.

India: Priyanka Kumari from India is one of the most talked about Miss India in recent years. Known for her extremely humble and down to earth attitude, this girl has got a catwalk which can slay the competition right away. In our interaction with her, she said she is eyeing for the 3rd Miss Intercontinental crown for India and has prepared for the pageant with a lot of research.

Malaysia: One of the hottest and best Miss Malaysia, not only for Miss Intercontinental but for any international pageant. Sanjana Suri is a treat to watch. Her wardrobe has been so selectively picked and she has been styled pitch perfect so far. We really feel worried that so many stunning girls are in Asia and America and only 3-4 will make it to the finale.

Mexico: One of the most beautiful contestants Veronica Vallejo from Mexico is a treat to watch. She has extremely cute aura and has a face to charm the judges right away. We are sure she is making some good impression in finale.

Netherlands: Miss Netherlands is one of the tallest and prettiest contestants of the contest. She is also a finalist for Swimsuit preliminary which strengthens her chances of making it to the finale of the contest.

Philippines: Many believed that Katrina Rodriguez was the best bet in her national pageant and she was intentionally sent to Miss Intercontinental so that they can get their first ever crown. We feel Katrina is also one of the most beautiful representatives Philippines has sent along with girls like Catriona Gray, Shamcey Supsup, Megan Young etc. We won’t be surprised if she wins the crown this year. She is also leading the voting poll of Miss Sunrise Resort for Top 6 spot, so be ready to see here in the final cut. We might see two Asians making in Top 6.

Russia: Stunning goddess of the contest is your Miss Russia.Natalia Naydenko has a very tough task to get Russia its crown as the country recently won 2 crowns in past 4 years. However, the beauty of Natalia easily stands out and we won’t be surprised if she is taking one more crown for her country.

Venezuela: Our corespondent reported us that Martiza Contreras from Venezuela could give a strong run for money to the girls from South America and might just be one of the Top 5. She is a stunner in real life and doesn’t fail to amaze us.

Vietnam: Nguyen Tuong from Vietnam is one of the most stunning Vietnamese representatives we have seen at Miss Intercontinental. She is porcelain doll of the competition with attractive personality. Asia is just too strong this year.

Honorable Mentions: Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, Panama, Wales

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