Miss USA 2018: First Impression

2018 pageant season is  promising out to be an exciting one with so many national pageants have already shortlisted their candidates but our eyes are certainly on the 67th Miss USA Pageant. 49 states have crowned their representatives so far with New Mexico and Kentucky are scheduled to happen on Jan 28,2018.

Here are our Miss USA 2018 First Impression!

Miss USA 2018 First Impression

1.  Kelley Johnson, California.
Topping our list is Kelley who will be representing the second most successful state in Miss USA history. Perhaps one of the most popular delegates at this year’s edition she was second runner up at Miss America 2016. In the competition’s talent portion she performed a monologue which was correlated to her experience with a patient she had met with Alzheimer’s disease.In the interview portion she was asked which woman should appear on the 10 dollar bill to which she answered “Ellen DeGeneres”.She later appeared on the Ellen show. She received $10000 to help pay for her tuition for nurse anesthetist school.
2. Genesis Davila ,Florida.
She is certainly the most talked about delegate this year. This Contraversial queen who won the Miss Florida USA title last year was stripped of her title on the accusation that she used a professional team for make up when it was not allowed came back this year and took the revenge! Not just that she is perhaps the most polished girl of this batch from Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2013 first runner up to Miss World Puerto Rico 2014 to Miss Florida USA 2018  she has come a long way!
3. Lauren Weaver,Arkansas.

Lauren has one of the best bodies in the competition and is styled to perfection in all of her appearances! She is one of the girls who is really enjoying being a titleholder and share all the positivity with her fans. 

4. Marianny Egurrola,Georgia.
The Colombian Pageant portals are already hailing her as the next Miss Universe! Marianny is hotness personified and giving us fitness goals.We really hope this power pact performer give Georgia its first ever Miss USA Crown. 
5. Genesis Suero,New York.
In the battle of Genesis Vs Genesis , Suero is leaving no stones unturned to rise her way to Top. This girl is extremely beautiful and personable as evidenced by the reaction of her fellow contestants when she won.New York is the most competitive state and winning the state shows how good she is as a competitor.
6. Hannah Brown,Alabama.
Hannah hails from one of the most successful states in recent years at Miss USA so the pressure is certainly on her to outdo all her predecessors. going by her state performance we are sure sure of that. we do have an eye on her!
7. Bryce Armstrong,District of Columbia.
Bryce is an interesting choice for a state which is aiming for a three peat.We find her superior to both Deshauna and Kara interms of physical beauty.It will be interesting to see what else she has to offer apart from that 
8. Julianne Chu,Hawaii.
Under WWE/IMG one trend which is visible is that they are certainly looking for diversity they had african american winners through Kara and Deshauna, European winner through Iris, African winner through Demi,Asian winner through Pia.Is it time for an Asian American winner? if so Julianne is your next Miss USA. She is sweet girl too
9. Tori Sizemore,South Carolina.
Tori was first runner up at Miss Teen USA 2013.She has one of the most beautiful faces of the competition.we wonder if could pull off an Alyssa Campenella who was also First Runner up at Miss Teen USA before winning Miss USA 2011
10. Daescia DeMoranville,Rhode Island.
Daescia reminds us of Rachael Smith,Miss USA 2007.She is beautiful but how far she will go depends upon her styling.

Bubbling up!

11. Logan Lester ( Texas )
11.Lauren Vizza ( Louisiana )
12. Laine Alden Mansour ( Mississippi )
13.Carolina Urrea ( Nevada )
14. Darrian Arch ( Indiana )
15. Kalie Wright ( Minnesota )

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Photo Credit:Miss USA Facebook Page