Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 7: Meet the Top 10

Judges – Kartik Behl, Pooja Sharma, Rajkanya Baruah

In today’s episode, we will witness the first major elimination of the season. From the 19 contestants, just 10 go further in the contest! The next round is the Style Icon competition which will give us the Top 6. All the remaining 13 contestants eliminated till that point will then compete in Wild Card round (next Friday) for the 7th spot in the final leg of the competition. As informed before, Top 10 is chosen as follows: 5 Direct Entries (Winners of People’s Choice, Multimedia, Personality contests + Elite Club’s choices for first two rounds) + 5 based on scores from the judges.

Judges’ Score-sheet – Ethnic Wear Competition

Let us have a look at the judges’ scores of Ethnic Wear competition. The judges have given their scores based on beauty, walk and overall presentation.

Meet The Top 10

Miss TGPC Season 4 Score Sheet

Here is the Top 10 of Miss TGPC season 4! Congratulations girls! Of course, the eliminated contestants will be disheartened at the moment but they can be glad about the fact that there is one more chance for them! Next Friday the eliminated contestants (13 by then) will compete in the Wild Card competition, in their evening gowns. The best one among them will move forward to the final leg of the pageant. Yes, within 2-3 weeks, we shall know the winners. Exciting!

Next week the Top 10 contestants will bring out the Style Divas within themselves! Catch the Style Icon competition video episode on 21st January 2018, 8 PM!