Miss TGPC Season 4, Episode 3: Cocktail Wear Competition [Elite Club’s Results]

TGPC Elite Club (also called Elite Panel or Mentor Club in past) has been an important part of the selection process of Miss TGPC winners since the very first season. The members of the club are premium members of TGPC. They actively follow pageants every year and know ‘stuff’ when it comes to pageantry. Every season they shower the Miss TGPC contestants with a lot of love and abundance of well-meaning suggestions to improve their future performances. Our former winners often acknowledge how wonderfully helpful these advises turn out to be. Also, since the elite members have been part of the journeys of these beauties, they form attachments with them and hence heartily support them in all their future endeavors. Truly the Elite Club is one of the pillars of Miss TGPC.

Zain, Ahina, Farhan, Mohit, Srishti, Rajat, Priyank, Rimzenith, Mrinmoyee, Prateek, Jimmy, Daniel Dsouza, Das, Roopa, Dennis, Abu.

In Episode 2, we saw the contestants present themselves in Cocktail wear. The Elite Club members thoroughly went through each of the performances and have presented their reviews and scores in this episode. The Top choice of the Elite Club for this round is the very first Top 10 Finalist. This is pretty exciting! Due to space constraints, we are sharing bits of these for each contestant here. Nevertheless, the contestants will personally receive the reviews from all the 16 judges of the round. The contestant order in the following list is alphabetical. Let us go through the reviews and the scores.


  1. Adline
    • Daniel: She was impressive in this round as I expected one thing that I would suggest is that you need to maintain the hand distance properly because it look awkward when there is too much of gap.. Secondly try to end the twirl properly.. Make sure to format the “T” first and then twirl pose.
    • Mrinmoyee: She is good but she needs to be careful on how she walks..That ‘tap’ of feet she did while starting, that wasn’t needed..She can be great if groomed properly..
    • Mohit: Loved her walk. She’s fierce and flawless and more energetic. Great one
    • Rimzenith: She exuded fierceness and confidence , she has a polished walk and it looks like it’s her strong forte, however her hair flip is a bit awkward, I think that was not required at all.
  2. Advaita
    • Roopa: Need a little improvement in the walk and a proper hairdo can do wonders
    • Jimmy: I was expecting so much from her.she lacked energy and red lipstick made her look old.
    • Zain: Llooking good, nothing else impressed me this much, you need to work on walk dear
    • Dennis: I like her walk very sassy, just woww.
  3. Agrima
    • Das: Should lessen the more hand moment
    • Farhan: She needs to worl hard. Her walk and posing is very basic. Hope she understands !
    • Srishti: Walk could be more innovative for me..
    • Rajat: i don’t find her comfortable with the clothes that she worn also she was lacking that energy. another thing is that i can’t see change in expressions from beginning to the end
  4. Akshada
    • Prateek: Three main things needs improvement Energy while walking, Expressions, and final pose; calm yourself before going for it and walk with confidence every other thing will follow you itself.
    • Priyank: Energy, Smile, Grace, Speed required. Avoid stiffness in hand movements.
    • Ahina: Walk could be better but it was descent walk .Just Smile dear
    • Abu: Overall a good performance. But your right hand looks awkward, as it’s very stiff.
  5. Deekshya
    • Daniel: Loved the Dress and the overall styling was bang on (such styling is perfect for any pageant) but required a he’ll of energy and improvements in the runway skills to carry of such look…
    • Mrinmoyee: I wish she takes a little more time in showing her walking..I couldn’t understand it well..
    • Mohit: Great performance. Fierce walk. Loved her performance. But she was quite speedy. She needs to be little gentle in her walk from next time. Otherwise she’s Flawless.
    • Rimzenith: Her walk is low on energy, she needs to control her hand movements which seems odd when she is walking, she has a towering height and that is what she needs to use to her advantage.
  6. Gayatri
    • Roopa: Liked her walk, she aced it well
    • Jimmy: Decent performance.. confidence was really good
    • Zain: Very decent walk, looked decent too, dress was really nice, overall you were there
    • Dennis: Wow! What a performance!
  7. Madhumita
    • Das: Work on hand gestures a little
    • Farhan: Fab work but posing nah ! She over did it hope she works in it !
    • Srishti: She is just amazing n for me she is just perfect..
    • Rajat: striking pose could have been better. she could have hold the pose for some seconds
  8. Manisha
    • Prateek: she needs to bring more energy and has to do more work on walk bring confidence in your walk that’s what i would say as of now
    • Priyank: Need to keenly observe the walk videos. Avoid Day Dreaming Expressions.
    • Ahina: She needs to have more energy during walk.Choose your Heels that can match with your dress.But Good height & good face
    • Abu: You aren’t prepared. Your walk, styling, and confidence to be worked on.
  9. Pradnya
    • Daniel: Don’t crisscross your legs too much and let your dress do the work naturally when you twirl, especially if it’s a cocktail not EG. So no need to twirl it with your hand; still you can improve in terms of your styling.
    • Mrinmoyee: I found her pretty..She is amazing..She needs to be concerned on her way of walking a little bit in my opinion..She is really good..
    • Mohit: One of the strongest member of this batch. Her walk was amazing, loved her pose, her smile and #Aliveness. Angelic vibes. I’m looking forward and excited to see her performance in other rounds as well.
    • Rimzenith: Her walk is upto the mark, but needs a little bit improvement in posing, otherwise everything is fine and she still has a long way to go
  10. Pragati
    • Roopa: Lot of practice is needed, practice ur walk and a perfect end
    • Jimmy: Girl you are not in your Castle… Where are your heels? What? You gotta be kidding me.
    • Zain: You used an accessory no problem but why making it the only center of attraction
    • Dennis: She need tonwork very hard no poise walk and posture
  11. Pramita
    • Das: Her walk was on point want to see her more her though.
    • Farhan: Loved her dramatic start great walk great postures!
    • Srishti: Smile could make your walk more impressive..
    • Rajat: she could have walked with more fierceness!
  12. Rishika
    • Prateek: I liked her but i also felt she needed more energy and more practice on walk.
    • Priyank: Needs to work on grace and attitude.
    • Ahina: Camera quality is not good.But good walk.Cute smile
    • Abu: Very sweet and energetic. Try to make you look a little more trendy.
  13. Shweta
    • Daniel: Don’t bounce while you walk… And please select some different background for other rounds
    • Mrinmoyee: Need to improve herself in walking, showing expressions as well.
    • Mohit: Good performance. Loved her walk. She can do more better.
    • Rimzenith: She needs to put more energy in her performance, rest she has a good walk.
  14. Subhasmita
    • Roopa: Giving priyadarshini vibes but be urself, improve ur poses
    • Jimmy: Very unusual pose but she was good
    • Zain: Were you wearing lehnga, the walk you did is good for traditional round but not for this, looked good though
    • Dennis: Her overall performance is nice just lack of confidence.
  15. Suhani
    • Das: Needs a little more energy if she adds it surely can do better
    • Farhan: Great walk,postures and posing! A good performance!
    • Srishti: Not a proper walk for me, camera facing is not proper..
    • Rajat: fierceness with change in expressions at final pose
  16. Supriya
    • Prateek: well overall i think she needs more facial expressions while walking she has gorgeous face but sticking to one expression makes your performance look awkward sometimes otherwise it was all good
    • Priyank: Awesome Height, Facial Features. Could be Top 3. She needs energy and should watch the Lu Sierra Videos.
    • Ahina: Well i really liked her stylish dress.Styling was on point but Little bit energy required during her walk otherwise she was very good
    • Abu: With this tall figure you could have done a lot better. But you lack energy.
  17. Surabhi
    • Daniel: Need to change the back location & should improve her walk and styling can do much better.. And put more energy next time…
    • Mrinmoyee: Another girl to watch for..Don’t have any suggestion..She can do well more than this..
    • Mohit: Good walk. Good pose. Good styling. As this competition is tough. She needs to be more better from next time in upcoming performances.
    • Rimzenith: She is very cheerful and walks well enough but the pose she gave seems little offbeat
  18. Tanvi
    • Roopa: Lot of practice can make ur walk little more good
    • Jimmy: BOMBSHELL. That dress, personality and that walk.. she’s beautiful
    • Zain: There is a lot of potential, just some finishing in walk nd you are good to go
    • Dennis: Very playfull performance woww
  19. Yukta
    • Das: Started off well but later her walk was a little deteriorating
    • Farhan: She gave great postures but her walk need to be improved !
    • Srishti: Need to improve the body movement while walking..
    • Rajat: she lacked energy and enthusiasm!


Congratulations to Pradnya Motghare on winning a Direct Entry in Top 10!

In episode 4, the panel of judges will reveal their scores for the contestants. The scores of the panel for this week and the next week will determine numerous spots in Top 10. In next episode, we will also go through some inputs from the mentors on the performances of the contestants. Don’t miss the episode to know where your favorites stand in the competition after 1st week! Friday 8 PM.