Miss Universe 2017: TGPC’s Final Predictions & Review [EXCLUSIVE]

Excitement! That’s what we feel. It’s about 40 hours now for Miss Universe to start and we cannot wait! That’s the best thing about Miss Universe. It is easily the most exciting pageant finals every year. Miss World is good, but let’s face it. Majority people find Miss Universe finals more fun to watch. Of course, with the new management things are changing a bit, yet a lot is still the same. Miss Universe 2017 is not easy to predict. This time there are three zones and from each zone 4 girls will get into semi-finals. Then 3 semi-finalists will be chosen as wild-card entrants. And then, the winner of fan vote will join to make the number of semi-finalists as 16. Yes, just 16! Such a good batch, and we have just 16 spots. How we wish there were 20 spots. Anyways, without wasting more time, let’s have a look at the choices of our experts.

Miss Universe 2017 Final Predictions

Miss Universe 2017 TGPC Hotpicks

Alternates: Paraguay, Tanzania, Nepal, Canada, Germany
Honorable Mentions: Dominican Republic, Australia, Colombia, Israel, Korea


  1. South Africa – It can be a “she came, she saw, she conquered” type of victory. Demi-Leigh is everything you look for in a wonderful Miss Universe. In fact she will be one of the best Miss Universe winners in recent years, if she wins. It is being said that Demi-Leigh will be wearing a stunning gown in the finals, much better than the green one she chose for prelims. We are excited to see her winning!
  2. Thailand (Possible Fan-vote winner) – Filling in the heels of Chalita was a tough job, but Maria has done well. Her strong performance in prelims supports the strong hype about her since the moment she was crowned as Miss Universe Thailand 2017.
  3. USA – Kara has come a long way since her Miss USA win. While many attributed her win there as a result of her occupation (scientist!), she proved her mettle as a beauty queen in Miss Universe. Her walk, confidence and overall styling in the prelims was on point.
  4. Peru – Miss Universe 2018 may be held in Peru, but that is not the only reason we are putting Priscilla in our Top 5. Along with Demi-Leigh, she is perhaps the prettiest face in the pageant. Her strong preliminary performance supports her contention.
  5. Venezuela – Keysi Sayago has had supporters as well as naysayers since the day she won Miss Venezuela. She has won approval of both the parties through her balanced preliminary performance.
  6. India – Shraddha has impecabble speaking skills and will be among the top scorers in the interview round which accounts for 60 % of prelim scores. She has the vision and focus which can even make her the surprise (to others) winner of Miss Universe 2017.
  7. Philippines (Possible Fan-vote winner) – Rachel Peters may be a weak link compared to the recent Filipina beauties at Miss Universe, but she is a strong performer nonetheless. Worst case, fan vote will bring her in the Top 16 and then her performance will help her rise.
  8. Spain – Sofia performed exceptionally well in the prelims, but lacks the face value that is desired in an international pageant winner. We do see her place in the finals though.
  9. Indonesia – Indonesian winners transform wonderfully from the national pageant to Miss Universe. Bunga is no exception. She was among the strong performers in prelims. Perhaps the placement streak of Indonesia at Miss Universe is not ending this year.
  10. France – Alicia was overall decent in the prelims, but the girl is very charming in person. Her social media followers go to the extent of calling her at par with the reigning Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere in terms of appeal and likability.
  11. Mexico – Denisse pulled off a good performance in prelims. She did not emerge as one of the top front-runners, but in good probability she will place in the finals.
  12. Russia – Ksenia is a popular delegate who effortlessly managed to look stunning throughout the pageant. In the weak European contingent, she can be one of the leaders.
  13. Jamaica – This unconventional beauty displayed amazing aura and presence during the presentation show. Davina’s personality is impressive and we are sure IMG will love her for that.
  14. Puerto Rico – Danna gave a strong performance in the prelims. Also the recent struggles that Puerto Rico faced due to Hurricane Maria brought a lot of attention to the country. Danna often talks about this, which strengthens her case for a placement.
  15. Great Britain – Anna has a good profile and did fine in the presentation show.
  16. Angola – Lauriela is pretty and looks youthful. She has been winning attention since the time she won Miss Angola and her performance in prelims also won her good feedback.
  17. Tanzania – Lilian’s official introduction video is popular among pageant fans. The girl speaks well, has a story and did particularly well in the evening gown competition of prelims.
  18. Nepal – 183 cm tall Nagma performed well in the prelims and is the first contestant from Nepal to participate in Miss Universe. With good pageant experience and the fact that she toiled hard to bring Nepal in the pageant, we feel her fans should stay hopeful for a placement in finals.
  19. Canada – Lauren Howe was decent in prelims, but she is considered one of the best speakers in the batch.
  20. Paraguay – Ariela was one of the strong performers in prelims. If this was the Trump era, we would have been certain of her strong finish in the finals.
  21. Germany – Sophia is pretty and is seen in some of the lists by pageant experts. Hopefully she might get her country a placement after a gap of almost 14 years.
  22. DR – Carmen looked magnetic in the preliminary competition. She managed to grab attention and stay in memory of viewers after prelims.
  23. Australia – The land down under often does well in Miss Universe and Olivia is another strong delegate from there. But then she isn’t in her fittest form (in terms of body toning) and the Asia/Oceania/Africa region is too strong.
  24. Colombia – Laura is clear downgrade to the recent three beauties from Colombia in terms of prelims performance. We don’t see her making it to Top 3 unlike her predecessors, but a placement is not impossible.
  25. Korea – Sewhee is facially strong and did a nice job in the prelims.
  26. Israel – Adar is often labeled as the face of the pageant by many Miss Universe fans. However, her walk and stage presence are weak.

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