Miss Universe 2017: 10 Contestants with Best Profiles/Stories

Miss Universe 2017

Since 2015, Miss Universe system of pageants has changed. While physical beauty and ramp walk were important during the Trump Era, now the focus is on profiles and stories of the contestants. Contestants with strong academic background, unique occupations, past tragedies, etc. seem to get more attention. Also the criteria for selection of semi-finalists is becoming fuzzier. It is said that this year the national directors have been told that Top 16 will be chosen based on prelims, interviews, opinions of Miss Universe experts and fan vote! There clear logic in the process is not revealed. We miss the Miss Universe days when exact scores for the preliminary competition were revealed. With new system, it looks that Miss Universe contest is slowly turning into a reality show. Nevertheless as fans let us make the best of what we have. Here we pick the 10 contestants have best backgrounds, considering their profiles and stories that they can talk about.

Top 10 Stories/Profiles

  • USA – Kara works as an emergency preparedness specialist in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response. Her mother was a member of the United States Navy for 23 years, and she thus lived in various places such as Sicily, South Korea, Japan, and Hawaii.
  • Puerto Rico – Danna spoke about Hurricane Maria in her introduction video and how her country has sprung back in spite of facing nature’s fury. 55 Puerto Ricans were killed in it and it caused the costliest damage in the history of the country.
  • Indonesia – Bunga did not complete her schooling because she wanted to support her family and sick brother. She took up modeling at a very young age.
  • Iraq – Sarah is the second contestant from Iraq in Miss Universe history. Last one was in 1972. She started working at age 18 with the US military as a linguist, helping her people and the US Government reducing the gap between the two cultures, which granted her a moderate knowledge in dealing with diverse background and high profile individuals at early age. She caused a fuzz when she posed for a selfie with Miss Israel and it is said that her family received threats because of her bikini pictures during pageant.
  • Nepal – Bringing Nepal to Miss Universe for first time was a tough task and often Nagma is credited for making it happen. She is a TV producer, presenter, model social activist, entrepreneur and the first beauty from her country to place in international pageants.

  • Egypt – The terror attack in Sinai Peninsula is very recent. More than two hundred people were brutally killed in a mosque and certainly this would have caused immense stress to Farah. It is also said that Farah is exceptionally good in interviews.
  • Tanzania – Lilian arrived to the pageant with little money and minimal luggage. She made her own national costume and received help from fellow contestants for her wardrobe. Her introduction video was good; she talked about getting into broadcasting and losing her mother at young age.
  • Great Britain – Anna Burdzy visited India for social work. She is sponsoring the education of 7-year-old girl named Julie who survived acid attack. Anna’s noble work was widely covered by media.
  • Guyana – Rafieya Husain was Top 10 finalist in Miss World 2014 where she was among the 5 winners of ‘Beauty With Purpose’ award. Her project was about domestic violence in Guyana and her work in the matter was widely appreciated by the global viewers.
  • Iceland – Last year Arna actually left Miss Grand International pageant midway when the head of the pageant told her to work on her body. She took it as body shaming and declared on social media how she accepts herself the way she is.

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Will any of these 10 beauties appear in the Top 16 of Miss Universe 2017? In few hours we shall know.