Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand – Who is the ASEAN leader in Miss Universe 2017?

With just about 1.5 days left for the new Miss Universe to be revealed, the excitement for the Miss Universe pageant is at it’s peak. Pageants, especially Miss Universe, are quite popular in the South-East Asian countries. This explains why the focus on major international pageants has shifted to this part of the world. The ladies from these countries are big stars there and come to Miss Universe with immense preparation. Some of them are front-runners for Miss Universe title and it’s the same this year too. All ASEAN countries except Brunei Darussalam have sent representatives to Miss Universe. Most of them are good, but three of them in particular are considered front-runners for the Mikimoto crown. They are: Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand. Who is best among them?

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Indonesia’s Bunga Jelitha has transformed wonderfully since her Miss Universe Indonesia win. Her walk is easy on eyes and overall likable. She speaks well and gave a strong preliminary performance. Hopefully she will continue the placement streak in Miss Universe and perhaps even make the second cut, something which a Miss Indonesia has NEVER achieved in Miss Universe.

Rachel Peters of the Philippines is a performer. Leggy lass was exceptional in the swimsuit competition and pulled off a nice evening gown presentation too. While we don’t see her in the league of Pia Wurtzbach or Maxine Medina, Rachel has the potential to place in finals and pull off a surprise Top 5.

Thailand’s Maria Poonlertlarp with her glamorous face and strong grooming did outstanding in the prelims. Most of the pageant pandits have Maria in the Top 3. While we did note mild nervousness in the girl during prelims, we do acknowledge the possibility of her winning it all on 26th.

Who is the best among the three? Now that’s one question which we would ultimately like to dodge! For a moment we feel she is Thailand, but then next moment we are sure Indonesia is the best. But then within a minute we feel Philippines is the best. Like most of questions, let’s leave the decision on time. Until finals, do you have any answer to our question about who is the best among the three ASEAN beauties? Let us know in comments.

Image credits: Missosology