5 Reasons why Achintya Nilsen can do wonders in Miss World 2017 finals

5 Reasons why Achintya Nilsen can do wonders in Miss World 2017 finals

Since Miss World 2017 started, there has been bullying and bad-mouthing about Achintya Nilsen, Miss World Indonesia 2017 on Instagram. As soon as some post about her is made, somehow numerous handles make same negative comments about her on the post. It seems someone has created some application to bring Achintya down. However, this evil act just doesn’t seem to be working because Achintya is rocking Miss World and she is bound to do well in the finals too. In our opinion, she is the best representative from Indonesia to Miss World in past few years. Since 2 years Indonesia is making it to the Top 3. It is quite possible that Achintya Nilsen will continue the success streak.

Here are 5 reasons why we feel Achintya will do well in Miss World 2017 finals.

  1. Genuineness – In every contest there is always a group of girls who try their best to grab limelight as often as they can. And then there are some beauties who choose to be themselves and not try too hard. Achintya falls in the latter category and a pageant like Miss World will certainly appreciate this wonderful quality that she has.
  2. She made it to the Top 30 of Top Model, which is a prime round in Miss World.
  3. She has made it to the Top 20 of Beauty With Purpose and has good chances of making it to the Top 5 and even winning. Her project is getting rave reviews from pageant fans. She has put heart and soul in her work.
  4. Achintya also made it to the Top 20 of Talent round; it is said that the round was too competitive this year and making it to Top 20 is also a big deal.
  5. Achintya was downright impressive in her Head-to-Head challenge video. She stood out in her group with her excellent communication skills and positive vibe. She is really prepared for the pageant and it is visible in all her appearances by far.

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Irrespective of the results, Achintya has fought her battle with grace, elegance and hard-work. She has played her cards with good ethics and earned fans for the same, thanks to the haters who made the others sensitive about her candidature. The trolls just made her bid stronger!