Miss World 2017: TGPC’s Final Hotpicks

Miss World 2017 Hotpicks

67th edition of Miss World pageant is going to conclude in 2 days and we are more than excited to know who will be Stephanie Del Valle‘s successor. This edition was impressive because of the addition of Head to Head Challenges which provided a platform for knowing each and every girl up close. The fact that they all got equal time to speak is what we appreciate about it. Since there are no more leader board system in Miss World, its difficult to predict this year’s winner but based on everything we saw and heard, here are our Top 15.


Miss World – Manushi Chhillar, India: If there is one girl who stood out from the moment all the girls reached China, she is the beautiful Manushi Chhillar. Hoping to be India’s 6th Miss World Winner, she was clearly visible in all the events and perhaps the only girl who got the opportunity to talk in almost all the events. We actually believe she is the most complete Miss India to have been sent to Miss World since Priyanka Chopra and knowing her medical background, we are so sure that she will be up there. She puts her soul in whatever she does and embodies everything the Miss World Organization stands for.

First Runner up – Achintya Nilsen, Indonesia: This is a girl who faced immense criticism because of hailing from a country which people accuses of having an unfair advantage in previous years but guess what, she made everyone love her with her sweetness and humility along with extraordinary communication skills. If she wins, it will be purely based on her performance and not politics or whatever! We can’t wait to hear this gorgeous lady saying “Indonesia, we did it”.

Second Runner up – Aurore Kichenin, France: Miss France is a stunner from head to toe. Her smile melts everyone’s heart and she seems to be very well liked by all the pageant fanatics. With Iris winning Miss Universe, the momentum is certainly with France and she is maintaining that with her brilliant performance in Top Model and Beauty with a purpose. Viva France!

Top 5 Finalists

Polina Popova, Russia: Miss Russia in every aspect is a doll. She was a mega favorite before coming to this pageant and we somehow feel she lost her way between but as the competition nearing its end, she is coming stronger. The fact that she can speak English and Mandarin is an added advantage. She seems to be a fun loving girl and true to heart,. Miss World Organization tends to appreciate those kind of girls. But the only question – is it too soon for a Russian blonde to win Miss World after Ksenia? She is solid in our Top 5.

Gabrielle Vilela,Brazil: Brazil is one of Miss World Organization’s favorite countries as it is evidenced from their great run in the recent years. They are certainly hungry for their second crown and what we appreciate about Gabrielle is that she is a silent performer. She was never hyped at any stage of competition but she delivered and is coming strong at this point. She might take it all.

Top 10 Finalists

Guan Siyu, China PR: You can’t take this host girl out of the competition. Although she is nowhere in the league of Wenxia Yu or Zhang Zilin, she performed beyond expectations even securing a third runner up spot at Top Model. They are having an eye on her

Andrea Meza, Mexico: What makes Andrea different from her predecessors is the fact that she has this fire inside her to win Mexico’s first Miss World crown. She did everything right till now and we won’t be surprised if Julia crowns her, especially under the new franchise she has a very good chance.

Clarissa Bowers, USA: Clarissa was a mega favorite before arrivals and because of inconsistency, she faded away but knowing her medical background and oratory skills, we even think of possibility of her winning judge’s heart in prejudging and capturing the crown. Irrespective of the results, Elizabeth Safrit and her team worked hard with her and this girl deserved to be at the top.

Ugochi Ihezue, Nigeria: Without a doubt, she is Africa’s flag bearer at this edition. Winning Top Model among the sea of beauties just proved how strong she is. Is she the next Agbani?? We will know on Nov 18.

Esma Voloder, Australia: Like any other Aussie girl, Esma is beautiful, intelligent and smart. We loved her Beauty with a purpose project and are sure of a Top 10 spot for her. Aussie Aussie, Oye Oye!

Top 15 Finalists

Patlada Kulphakthanapat,Thailand: Now she was a surprise. We didn’t expect her to do well but she shut our mouth with a second spot placement in Top Model and a Top 20 spot in Beauty with a purpose. We absolutely love her and we won’t be surprised if she brings home Thailand’s best placement ever at Miss World.

Fatima  Cueller, El Salvador: She is the face of the pageant and perfectly fits into the mold of Miss World. Despite hailing from a country with weak sash factor, this girl stood out from the beginning and could all the way win the crown for her country.

Aletxa Mueses, Dominican Republic: She has the pressure of doing well after Yaritza Reyes’ first runner up finish last year and she  has managed to do well till. Easily the best from Caribbean, she is unique and beautiful in her own way.

Magdalena Bieńkowska, Poland: She is someone who can enter the room full of people and light it up with a beautiful smile. Unfortunately this Polish beauty who was a semifinalist at Miss International last year was not able to bring the magic here; but with Miss World Organization, you never know! We adore her.

Ana Caroline Ugarte, Venezuela: Venezuela has been going through a tough phase at Miss World with no placements since Ivian Sarcos’ win in 2011. Well we see that changing this year as beautiful Ana managed to capture everyone’s heart with her fun and loving personality. It will be great to see this pageant crazy nation coming back as a force to reckon with.

All in all, Miss World 2017 is perhaps the best Miss World edition in last three years. As always, China is proving out to be a great host. Within few hours, we will know the results.