Miss TGPC Zonals 2017, Episode 6: Ethnic Wear [Mentors’ Choices]

Mentors this week: Farhan Akhtar, Priyank Bhambhani, Richa Jha, Chris Marbri, Daniel Dsouza, Mohit Gaikwad, Muskan Verma, Abu Pame, Zain Sabir, Harigesh Hari, Mayera Preet, Dennis Hayden, Sonia Agnihotri, Prateek Lakhera, Ritika Pal.

We are almost half-way through Miss TGPC Zonals 2017 and this is perhaps the most exciting edition of Miss TGPC!  The show gathered pace in it’s first week itself, just like the Dark Knight movies where you feel everything between the start and end credits is like the climax of a story.

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In today’s episode, the mentors are presenting their choices for the Ethnic wear competition. Without wasting more time, let’s get to the business.  As we know, the mentors’ scores from the three walk round will be considered for selection of first of the three finalists in each zone.  The following are the score-tables for each zone, updated with ethnic wear scores (highest & lowest scores of mentors were removed before averaging).

East Zone

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In the ethnic wear round too, Sakshi finished first.  However, Priyanka came second this time. Based on the scores of the two rounds, Sakshi is leading the mentors’ score-table.

North Zone

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In the ethnic wear round, Aditi and Tanshuman are the biggest gainers.  Tashi and Chinkey scored bit low compared to Style Icon competition.  At the moment, Aditi is comfortably leading the mentors’ score-table.

South Zone

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In the ethnic wear round, Shaashthra gave a tough fight to Shraddha who could pull off the win here only by 0.02 points.  There is a significant rise in Kriti’s score too.

West Zone


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In this round, Mitali scored the highest closely followed by Utkarsha who manages to maintain her lead in the mentors’ score-table.

Mentors’ Choices for Ethnic wear competition

Aditi (North), Mitali (West), Shraddha (South), Sakshi (East)

Further this week in Miss TGPC Zonals:

  • On Friday 18th August, the scores of the judges for the Style Icon competition will be released.

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