Miss TGPC Zonals 2017, Episode 7: Ethnic Wear [Judges’ Choices]

Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals Judge
Panel of Preliminary Judges

We are half-way through Miss TGPC Zonals 2017 and the contestants are going through the ‘I am learning more about myself and this is so damn exciting!’ phase. ūüôā Coming to the main agenda of this episode, the mentors gave their verdict for ethnic wear competition in the¬†previous episode and now it is time to know the opinions of the judges! The judges’ panel includes the famous beauty queen Rajkanya Baruah, entrepreneur and pageant expert Kartik Behl and prominent pageant bloggers: Aman Singh, Vagisha Mishra and Simeon Singsit.

Check out the Ethnic wear performances in case you haven’t yet!

As mentioned, Top 3 from each zone will make it to the finals.  First of the three spots will be chosen by the mentors based on overall scores in the three walk rounds of the prelims.  The rest two spots will be chosen by the judges, again based on overall scores in the three walk rounds of the prelims.  In the Ethnic wear round, the judges were asked to score the girls based on their beauty and overall presentation.

Judges’ score-table for Ethnic wear competition

Highest & lowest scores removed before average is calculated.

Judges’ Choices for Ethnic wear competition

Siddhi (West), Shraddha (South), Sakshi (East), Aditi (North)

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Comments on their top choices from some of the judges:

  • Siddhi
    • Aman Singh:¬†Loved the fact that you enjoyed your performance, maintained a very charming aura. Well put together!
    • Kartik Behl:¬†Siddhi has an infectious smile.
  • Shraddha
    • Aman Singh:¬†You pulled a saree like a pro. Very Graceful
    • Kartik Behl:¬†I wasn’t particularly impressed by anyone, but Shraddha and Shaasthra were decent if not great.
  • Sakshi
    • Aman Singh:¬†Watching Sakshi I felt, am I watching a top model walking for a top designer. Absolutely loved your styling, and grace you maintained in this round. Amazing !!
    • Kartik Behl:¬†Sakshi was a clear winner in this round. Her turn was worth aplomb.
  • Aditi
    • Aman Singh:¬†Keeping things simple, Aditi you made sure to bring right amount of energy. Your beautiful face and walk are your strong point.
    • Kartik Behl:¬†Aditi scored the highest as she was very graceful and lady-like.

Next week in Miss TGPC Zonals 2017:

  • On Sunday 20th August, the contestants will compete in the party wear round.
  • On Wednesday 23rd August, the mentors will release their results for the week.
  • On Friday 25th August, the judges will release their results for the week.

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