Mitali Sonawane: A perfect example of ‘True Inspiration’ to all the girls with so called ‘FLAWS’


“Half of the Talent in the world is lost due to lack of little courage and confidence”

Miss TGPC has always had girls coming from different walk of lives and everybody had something unique about themselves making them very interesting during the contest. One such Gem we encountered during Miss TGPC 2017 Zonal competition was Mitali Sonawane. Mitali is currently competing in the contest from West Zone as she comes from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Mitali Sonawane: A perfect example of 'True Inspiration' to all the girls with so called 'FLAWS'

Those who have seen Mitali would know that her skin has burn marks. Mitali was approximately 6 years old when she met with an accident that left bad memories for everyone in the family forever. She was descending the ladder from second floor and apparently lost the control over it and slipped. Unfortunately, below was the vessel of hot boiled water kept for taking bath. She fell into the vessel with a force that the vessel toppled on to her. She suffered third degree burnt and her skin started peeling off the very moment. She was rushed to the hospital and was treated there, completely covered with bandage from head to toe for next 3 months. However due to lack of proper facility, the Doctors couldn’t treat her effectively and her skin developed an infection which spread over her legs and face. She was immediately rushed to another hospital where doctor told that her chances of survival would be minimal and didn’t give any guarantee. But she proved out to be a fighter and recovered the bad phase in next 3 months. And she is all up out there standing confidently in front of you at Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals.

Mitali Sonawane: A perfect example of 'True Inspiration' to all the girls with so called 'FLAWS'

On being asked why would she want win the title of Miss TGPC West 2017, she replied,

Growing up as a child, having burns on my body, people always criticized me whenever I used to wear something which is short. I have been scolded and sometimes forced to be under full sleeves or hiding my face with duptta. I want to be a source of inspiration to those thousands of girls who hide themselves under clothes or behind the door because of one flaw that is not under their control.  I want to show the world what actually beauty is, its much beyond the depth of the skin. Beauty is not always what it appears to be at superficial level on outside“.

Mitali Sonawane: A perfect example of 'True Inspiration' to all the girls with so called 'FLAWS'

Even the girls at Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals were so supportive of her and everybody appreciated Mitali of not being afraid of pursuing her dreams because of so called flaws. Mitali isn’t just a participant at Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals, but she serves as an inspiration to all those girls who were bullied, forced to be enclosed between the boundaries of four walls or pieces of clothe because they didn’t have the so called beautiful face. Mitali’s participation at Miss TGPC is a clear message to all the girls to never be too afraid of people judging you and go for what you feel is right to you hear because in the end its all about what makes you happy..!!!

We will always cherish Mitali Sonawane’s participation at Miss TGPC and  TGPC.!!