Interview with Dr. Nida Khateeb, Smile Care Partner of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals

We got a candid time with Dr. Nida Khateeb who is Smile Design expert and runs a dental clinic by the name of ‘Dentokraftt’, which is also one of the partners of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonal competition this year. She is a certified Aesthetic dentist from UK and has been beautifying the smile of girls since past 7 years. She has expertise in Cosmetic dentistry, Digital Smile Design, Invisible Braces and all treatments related to Oral health. Nida has associated as official Smile Care partner for World Supermodel India Pageant 2017 & Mrs. Asia Pacific 2017 before. Let us know her a little more and talk more about dental care in this exclusive interview.

TGPC: Hi Nida, so before we ask you detailed questions, can you tell our readers something about you?

Nida: Well a big Hi! to all those gorgeous people who want to make it big in the glitz and glamour world. Its an absolute pleasure to introduce myself as Dr Nida Khateeb, a cosmetic dentist by profession practicing in the heart of Mumbai that is Lokhandwala, Andheri West.

Interview with Dr. Nida Khateeb, Smile Care Partner of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals
Dr. Nida Khateeb with Ruth Charlesworth, 1st runner-up at World Supermodel India 2017.

TGPC: Why do you think Pageant contestants need to regularly take care of their Smile?

Nida: Participants in a pageant from what I understand needs a lot of confidence. If you have noticed, so many girls tend to cover their lips with their hands when they smile or close their mouth in their FB DPs or an Instagram pic. After sometime, it becomes a subconscious act. I want to give each an every one that confident and beautiful smile which will definitely be one of their defining aspects in achieving something big. It got to be a million dollar smile and when you don’t have it, we can still get it.

Interview with Dr. Nida Khateeb, Smile Care Partner of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals
Nida Khateeb with contestants of World Supermodel India 2017

TGPC: What are the dental Treatments you provide at Dentokraftt that can help Pageant Contestants/Model get a million dollar smile?

Nida: There are wide range of options available from the minutest of procedures to more exhaustive ones. Neginning from composites / tooth and gum recontouring / teeth whitening / laminate venners / digital smile design / tooth jewelry etc

TGPC: What are basic oral care tips that you suggest every person should take care at home?

Nida: Brushing twice a day with a soft bristled tooth brush with a proper technique and minimal force/regular flossing/ gargling post meals are the simplest of the habits that will keep you good dental health.

TGPC: How long does it take to correct the misaligned teeth? What are the options you provide at Dentokraftt?

Nida: Well every individual will have a different plan of treatment depending upon each ones requirement. After a thorough smile design consult, we can range from as less as single sitting to multiples appointments. We believe in minimally invasive dentistry so obviously I tend to advice the simplest of the procedures to begin with.

Interview with Dr. Nida Khateeb, Smile Care Partner of Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals
Dr. Nida Khateeb with Summer Jacobs, World Supermodel Teen 2017

TGPC: Who are all the celebrities/beauty queens/Model you have helped in correcting their smile?

Nida: Well most of the times we do not have the provided consent for the identity reveal from clients but the ones who have given me the consent are Manasvii Noel, Miss India Canada 2017. Various contestants from World Super Model 2017- Summer Jacobs, Ruth Charlesworth to name a few.

TGPC: How do you look forward to provide your Smile Care Packages to the winner of Miss TGPC Zonals 2017?

Nida: I have offered a smile makeover consultation and a smile spa package which includes teeth cleaning/polishing and recontouring with composite touch ups if required.

Dentokraftt by Nida Khateeb

TGPC: So where exactly is your clicnic located? How can aspiring beauty queens and models approach for the treatments?

Nida: My clinic is located at Dentokraftt dental clinic, Shop No 1, Nyaydeep Apartment, New link road, Andheri West, Mumbai 53. You may check out my check out my website at or call me on 9820260984 / 9321192177 for direct appointments.

TGPC: What are 3 big mistake people commit while taking their dental care?

Nida: People do not take brushing seriously and don’t realize the power of flossing teeth. The most ignored part is regular check up appointments with your dentist, these habits definitely decide the future of your dental health.

Iris Mittenaere from France wins Miss Universe 2016

TGPC: The reigning Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere is also a dentist by profession. How does it feel to see someone from similar field reaching that fame?

Nida: Its amazing to see professionals diversifying and doing well in the glamour world. It feels proud of my fraternity to go out and win in this competitive world.

TGPC: Any message for TGPC Readers?

Nida: Own that million dollar smile because when you walk in a room full of people where you want to leave an impact, your smile will speak a lot before you actually do because ‘A SMILE IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION….IT GOT TO BE NOTHING BUT THE BEST’. Tons of love to you all.