Miss TGPC Zonals 2017, Episode 4: Style Icon [Judges’ Choices]

Miss TGPC 2017 Zonals Judge
Panel of Preliminary Judges

Eagerness!  That’s the emotion that almost all of us have been feeling about the results tonight.  The mentors gave their verdict in previous episode and were flooded with gratitude from the contestants for their feedback which will help them to improve.  Now it is time to know the opinions of the judges!  The judges’ panel includes the famous beauty queen Rajkanya Baruah, entrepreneur and pageant expert Kartik Behl and prominent pageant bloggers: Aman Singh, Vagisha Mishra and Simeon Singsit.

Check out the Style Icon performances in case you haven’t yet!

As mentioned, Top 3 from each zone will make it to the finals.  First of the three spots will be chosen by the mentors based on overall scores in the three walk rounds of the prelims.  The rest two spots will be chosen by the judges, again based on overall scores in the three walk rounds of the prelims.

In the Style Icon round, the judges were asked to score the girls based on their Fashion sense, Selection of look, Beauty quotient, Ramp-walk and Overall feel of the performance.  Here are the scores.  Please note that the average score is arrived at after removing highest and lowest scores from the sum, to eliminate any unintentional biases.

North Zone Results

Judge Kartik Behl found almost everyone good in the round.  Judge Aman Singh had special praises for Tashi.  He feels she stood out in the round and has a long way to go, although her walk can be improved further.  Tashi was the top choice of judge Vagisha too.  Judge Simeon picked Aditi & Chinkey as the best in zone, while Rajkanya picked Chinkey and Tashi.  

South Zone Results

Judges Kartik, Rajkanya & Aman chose Shradhdha as their favorite in the round for this zone.  While Kartik feel she needs to work on the pace of her walk, Aman loved her confidence and called her performance ‘awesome’.  Judges Simeon and Vagisha picked Rashmi and Shaashthra respectively as their top picks.  

West Zone Results

Judge Kartik found Utkarsha and Siddhi more or less equal in the round, while judge Aman picked the latter praising her style and confidence.  Judge Rajkanya picked Siddhi as her top choice too.  Judge Simeon chose Siddhi and Monika, while judge Vagisha picked Ashwini as the top choice.

East Zone Results

All the judges except Simeon picked Sakshi as their top choice in the round for this zone. Aman called Sakshi a ‘star’ and praised her poise.  Kartik loved her energy and the way she engaged with the camera.  Iqra earned a special mention from Kartik; he feels she is a bit raw at the moment but she has immense potential.  Judge Simeon picked Priyanka Kumari as his top pick.

Thanks a lot to the judges for the evaluations!  It is noted that the top choices of the judges and the mentors are same in three of the four zones.  In fact, the Top 3 for all the zones are largely similar for the judges and mentors.

miss tgpc zonals
Choices of judges this week: Sakshi (East), Tashi (North), Shraddha (South), Siddhi (West)

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Next week in Miss TGPC Zonals:

  • On Sunday 13th August, the contestants will compete in the Ethnic wear round.
  • On Wednesday 16th August, the mentors will release their results for the week.
  • On Friday 18th August, the judges will release their results for the week.

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