Exclusive Interview: Ekta Choudhary, Winner of The Tiara Queen by TGPC July 2017

Ekta Choudhary The Tiara Queen by TGPC
Ekta Choudhary being felicitated by Summer Jacobs, WSM India Teen 2017 winner

Ekta Choudhary was declared as the winner of second edition of The Tiara Queen by TGPC on 19th July 2017 which was held at The Tiara Institute. She battled out 17 other girls to claim this title. This was Ekta’s 3rd attempt at competing for pageant at The Tiara and she emerged out as the eventual winner. We got a little closer look at Ekta’s personality through and exclusive interview. Have a look.

TGPC: Hi Ekta, tell us something about yourself.

Ekta: Hi, I am originally from Haryana. I always wanted to do something which makes people laugh, entertain them so I had huge interest in acting. I started with Asmita theatre group & Barry John acting studio and started doing stage productions, street plays & I love to interact with new people. I am a part of Azad foundation which work for women empowerment. I love traveling and I aspire to become Miss India.

The Tiara Queen by TGPC

TGPC: How does it feel winning the title of ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC, beating 17 other contestants?

Ekta: It was so special. All the contestants were amazing and perfect and so supportive. I shared a great bonding with all. I feel more confident after winning the title for sure.

TGPC: You participated in previous edition as well where you couldn’t place in Top 5 but won this time. What was your learning from those previous experiences?

Ekta: I learnt that whatever happens, just never give up. Just believe in yourself and your dreams. Hard work & patience when works together then magic happens! This is what I always follow.

The Tiara Queen' by TGPC
Ekta Choudhary in a Evening Gown by Busy Bee.

TGPC: You wore a lovely black gown in your Evening Gown round. Would you like to tell where was it from?

Ekta: I got it from Busybee by Sanjana Ghosh. She has a dream wardrobe for each pageant girl and best person to consult and get outfits if you are looking for any pageant.

TGPC: What is one thing you learnt at The Tiara that you’ll never forget?

Ekta: At The Tiara, I learnt so many things, to choose one of them is difficult but I’d say that I learnt to be honest with your dreams, how to be patient & to be honest with yourself!

TGPC: What do you have to say about your mentor Ritika Ramtri?

Ekta: Meri guru Ritika Mam jitna kahu utna kam hai. Kisi bhi aam ladki ko aise princess bana deti hai lagta hai koi jadu ki chhadi hai unke pass.

TGPC: What is one thing about Ekta Choudhary that nobody knows?

Ekta: I make stories in my mind. Every time I’m alone, I visualize different romantic (mostly) stories which revolves around me.

TGPC: You are 5’9” tall, how does it feel being taller than most guys in your class? Did you ever find problem getting dates?

Ekta: Haha. Yes this has always been my plus point. I was taller than half of the guys & My teachers always used to say woh lambi si ladki. Sometimes, guys ask me “Do you mind going on coffee date with a shorter guy? ” & I just couldn’t help but laugh. I feel proud of my height.

TGPC: What are your future aspirations? In pageants and apart from pageants?

Ekta-As I’m a theatre artist, I want to take theatre to next level. I want to make Hindi theatre No. 1 theatre in world. I want to travel each and every place on earth. I m looking forward to Miss India 2018.

TGPC: Who is your role model?

Ekta: I love Sushmita Sen. I love everything about her .her smile ,her confidence,her personality,the love n passion the positive aura she creates.i look up to her!

TGPC: Any message for TGPC readers?

Ekta: I just love the way you all supported Priyanka Kumari throughout her journey. Such a great feeling when you see a pillar of strength for you. It makes us girls feel so lucky and proud & full with confidence. Huge respect for all of you .