Philisantha Van Deuren crowned Miss World Netherlands 2017!

Philisantha Van Deuren will represent Netherlands at Miss World 2017
Miss World Netherlands 2017,Philisantha Van Deuren

On July 30, 2017 coronation night, Philisantha Van Deuren was crowned as Miss World Netherlands 2017 at Hotel Theater Figi. The 21 year old beauty queen hails from Hilversum, Netherlands. She will now officially represent Netherlands in the upcoming Miss World 2017 pageant. With many days of preparation, she was all set to win Miss World Netherlands 2017 and succeeded Rachelle Reijnders as the new Miss World Netherlands. Philisantha is an ambitious, lively, and instructive woman who loves to learn things with an open mind. She believes falling and rising is a part of our life. Philisantha is a psychology student from University of Utrecht. Apart from studying she also works for Vue Hilversum Cinemas. In her free time, she engages herself in creative activities like painting and playing the piano which she learnt from her beloved father. She often sings and loves sailing. She enjoys going to the gym and finds it important to feel fit and healthy. She is looking forward to explore more by travelling the world.


Full Results:


Miss World Netherlands 2017: Philisantha Van Deuren

1st Runner Up: Rachel Ausemms

2nd Runner Up: Annet Duarte Lopes

Top 5:

Lynn Rosalee Peters (also won Miss Charity award)

Philisantha Van Deuren Annet Duarte Lopes Elize De Jong Rachel Ausemms.


Netherlands has won the Miss World crown twice before. In 1959, Corine Rottschäfer of Hoorn won the title for the first time and in 1962, Catharina Lodders of Haarlem won the crown again. However, in the last 10 years, the closest it could reach was in 2012 when Nathalie den Dekker secured a spot in Top 15 at Miss World 2012. This year Philisantha will try her best to grab the third crown of Miss World for Nederlands. Do you think it’s possible? Do share your views in the comment section.

Photo Credit: Philisantha Van Deuren’s facebook