Farewell Speech of Chalita Suansane can move you to Tears [English Translation]

Chalita Suansane Farewell Speech

Iris Mittenaere won Miss Universe 2016, but Top 6 Finalist Chalita Suansane of Thailand is almost equally loved by global pageant fans.  Her strong aura and beauty are captivating.  When she crowned her success this weekend at Miss Universe Thailand 2017, her teary-eyed farewell speech was the highlight of the event.  Here’s english translation of the farewell speech.

A lot of people ask me if I was given a choice and could turn back time whether I would still choose to be a beauty queen. My answer is, “Yes, I am proud to be a representative of Miss Universe Thailand. This organization has changed Chalita Suansane, an ordinary girl’s dreams to become true. The organization has allowed me to become a strong, grown, and intelligent woman. Steve Harvey’s voice still echoes in my mind and memory. I have never thought I would reach this point in my life. This year has been the most valuable in my life. Especially, when I was given this prestigious job representing Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant. It has brought invaluable experiences into my life. I have dedicated my whole heart and life towards this job. I am happy to have had the chance to express the Thai people’s love for the King Rama IX of Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant in front of the world. I want to thank the Miss Universe Thailand organization and judges for seeing my potential and giving me the chance to prove myself. I would like to thank sponsors, staff, designers, stylists, and team members from various industries for their support and advice. Above all, I would like to thank my mother and father for raising me to the best of their abilities and for supporting me in reaching my dreams. Finally, thank you to all my fans and all the Thai people for their support and encouragement they have given me during the Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines. Your support has given me the energy and motivation for me to have reached all that I have today.

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Source: Chalita Suansane (PH) on Instagram