Vishnu Raj Menon’s Journey to Mr India title [Inspiration]

vishnu raj menon

Mr India World 2016 Vishnu Raj Menon today shared his inspiring journey towards the Mister India title.  While most under-estimated his win at the first glance, his story proves how much he has worked for the national title and how much deserving he is of the same.  Here is his story in his own words:

This is me, 3 years before winning the title. It was then that I had started my preparations, step by step to be in a position that I’m today.
February 3rd 2012 I met with an accident. I was bed ridden for almost 6 months. The pain when I would get on my feet and try to walk would put me to tears. I could see myself shattering. It took a year to recover.
A year wasted, I can never explain the way I felt on losing one year of my life. When I returned to Bangalore after this incident, I made sure I returned stronger.
It wasn’t easy to prepare for Mr India. The urge to prove myself was very important to me.
I had to complete my degree and at the same time pursue my dream. I made my mind to participate in Mr India competition the year I complete my degree.
More than the physical preparation, I constantly had to build my emotional confidence. I had to overcome all that I had suffered in that one year and build a new me.
Amidst all these studies and preparations, I never did lose my focus. I wouldn’t miss any shows in bangalore. I would go observe, learn and constantly train my self on not just workout sessions but also in my walk, striking poses in front of camera so that when I go for competition I wouldn’t be less in any aspect.
I would push my body for that little extra every day. It was painful yes. I started not just that but also focusing and maintaining my diet.
By all this I started gaining my confidence bit by bit, a key factor in my win.
Never forget your grounds. Whatever you do, be sincere in it.
When I was sashed, these 4 years went like a short film in my mind. And I could not be more happy.
And yes your courtesy is what gives shape to your achievement. I thank Almighty, my family, friends and my new found family as well – The Times Group.

Credits: Vishnu Raj Menon on Instagram