Exclusive Interview with Kriti Sharma, Miss United Countries India 2017

Exclusive Interview with Kriti Sharma, Miss United Countries India 2017

Kriti Sharma is all set to represent India at Miss United Countries 2017 which will be held in Malaysia from 23rd July 2017 to 29th July 2017. The first ever winner shall be crowned during the finale on 29th July 2017. She was second runner-up at Miss India Exquisite 2017 and hence got a chance to represent her country at Miss United Countries. TGPC took a candid interview of her and got a chance to know her little closer. Let’s have a look

TGPC: Hi Kriti, please tell us something about yourself.

Kriti: Hi this is Kriti Sharma, belonging to a tea estate. I have spent a good time in the lap of nature in my early days, I am a very fun loving, vibrant and a sensitive person. I am currently pursuing masters in masscom and I aspire to be journalist and work for women empowerment related issues in future. I strongly believe that thoughts have a long lasting impact, so I try to rationalize what I think before I implement it in my practical life and herein I put an effort to make a difference by inspiring others..

TGPC: So you’ll be representing India ;at Miss United Countries 2017, which is first ever edition of this pageant. How does it feel?

Kriti: It feels great to be a part of a pageant which is so new in its approach with contemporary elements, and United Nations organisation being a part of it adds so much relevance to its motto I.e women empowerment, it just motivates me so much to stand for my nation and be a part of such a noble pageant which aims to bring sustainable development by uplifting the status of women.

Ritika Ramtri with her students

TGPC: You are trained at The Tiara for pageantry, what would you like to say about your mentor Ritika Ramtri?

Kriti: My mentor I.e Ritika ma’am has been an incredible influence in my life, she has played an integral role in transforming me, she is an inspiration to all.

TGPC: Why do you think Miss United Countries is a different pageant from other pageants?

Kriti: It is indeed a very unique pageant because it has so much to do with women empowerment issues like domestic violence, Breast cancer , gender equality and so on,the campaigns that are going to be conducted are exclusively constructed for upliftment and progress of the entire society by elevating the status of women.

TGPC: How do you expect Indian fans to support in your quest to win the crown of the pageant?

Kriti: I expect them to get actively involved with the happenings of this pageant and stay connected with me to take an experience of a brand new venture , the challenges that are lined up is going to take ‘take everyone’s breath away’. Meanwhile, I would request you all to kindly Vote for India [Click Here] and help me get the crown to our country

Exclusive Interview with Kriti Sharma, Miss United Countries India 2017

TGPC: We heard you had to put in a lot of efforts to find your perfect evening gown. Would you like to give us some sneak peek into it?

Kriti: Yes I would love to, the gown is being designed by a designer from New Delhi named Sharabjit Thapar. It has an Indian touch with its royal aura embracing both western and Indian culture, the outfit is an amalgamation of both.

TGPC: You would have studied you competitors till now, who do you think is the strongest competitors of yours?

Kriti: Honestly speaking I never get into any sorts of competition, the girls are amazing and everyone is beautiful in their own way, I wish them all the very best for this pageant.

Exclusive Interview with Kriti Sharma, Miss United Countries India 2017

TGPC: You were one finalists at Miss India Exquisite 2017, through which you are going for your international pageant now. How has organization supported you in your quest and what would you like to say about the pageant director Rajni Subba?

Kriti: Yes I was second Runner up in Miss India Exquisite pageant and that happened to be my first attempt in pageantry, I was pretty amateur by then but I learned a lot and top model came my way which was a turning point in my career. Rajni ma’am is a pure soul and she has been a driving force in my career, she has always encouraged me, that’s the reason why I call her and Ritika ma’am my ‘fairy god mothers’.

TGPC: How would you like to portray India at Miss United Countries 2017?

Kriti: India is a nation with so much diversification, I want to show the world how to stand in unity with so much diversity, how to embrace,care, love and respect, how to break the barriers of colour, class and creed. Its a country country where peace , harmony and good will prevails, brotherhood is the religion that we practice and integrity is the language that we speak incredible India.

Exclusive Interview with Kriti Sharma, Miss United Countries India 2017

TGPC: Any message for the readers of Miss TGPC?

Kriti: The thing that I want to tell you all is that you all are doing great job by keeping interest in pageantry and this is playing substantial role in creating awareness on pageantry among the people which was ageing with time but thanks to all of you for enlightening the spirit of pageantry.

We wish Kriti Sharma all the very best for her quest at Miss United Countries 2017. May you win…!!!