Femina Miss India 2017: Big 2 or Nothing.!!!

Ever since the inception of Miss Diva the international titles that are offered to the runner-ups of pageants under Times Group got divided. Defying the precedent of sending the runner-ups to international pageants by default, Miss India started hand picking runner-ups for pageants other than Miss World and Miss Universe. This gave birth to a new class of Miss India runner-ups, the ones who don’t get to represent India internationally. While during a webcast Natasha Grover made it very clear that the runner-ups will be sent to international pageants only if they are suited to such pageants. This may mean that the class of runner-ups who don’t go to international pageants were not suitable for the pageant other than the Big 2 pageants. Zoya Afroz, Naveli Deshmukh, Sushruthi Krishna and Aradhana Buragohain; just take a look at the ladies in this category and one could understand how they would have been apt replacement for the main winner. We call them the “Big 2 or Nothing” Category. Here are three girls from 2017 Femina Miss India batch who are capable of representing India at Miss World or Miss Universe but if not, they may not go to any other international pageant:


Miss Delhi – Maira Chowdhury

fbb Colors Femina Miss India Delhi 2017, Maira Chowdhury.

Maira has already established herself as a serious contender for the Miss India World crown. Beautiful, Intelligent and talented, she possesses every quality that an ideal Miss World shall possess. But think for a moment, If not miss World, what; other pageant can she go for? Considering the current direction of Miss Universe, Maira may even be considered a strong bet for Miss Universe India crown too. But if not, she isn’t completely suitable for Supranational or Grand International. Rather she is over qualified for pageants other than the Big 2.


Miss Jammu and Kashmir – Sana Dua

fbb Colors Femina Miss India Jammu and Kashmir 2017, Sana Dua

Sana is not just a beauty with brains, she is also a fashionista. This is a girl with immense potential. A diamond in rough, she could be an asset to Miss India Organisation’s portfolio. But given the strong competition, she may not win the main title in the end. But as a runner-up, can she be sent to pageants other than Big 2? Probably not!

Miss Haryana – Manushi Chhilar

fbb Colors Femina Miss India Haryana 2017, Manushi Chhillar

Young, ambitious and eloquent beauty reminds of young Priyanka Chopra or Sushmita Sen (obviously not in terms of appearance). She was one of the best discoveries by Campus Princess for 2017. Although she can definitely do well at any international pageant, given her potential, it would be completely unfair if she is sent to any pageant other than the Big 2. Thus she might face the same fate as Naveli or Sushruthi.

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Author: Jinendra Aherkar