Femina Miss India 2017: Sub-contest Winners Revealed

Best in National Costume: Licha Thossum, Arunachal Pradesh
Best in National Costume: Licha Thossum, Arunachal Pradesh

Femina Miss India 2017 concluded its sub-contest winners revelation last night. A total of 20 sub-titles were given to the girls. The event venue was Sahara Hotel at Mumbai. Few interesting notes about the sub-contest titles are as below:

  1. Major favourite for the crown Aishwarya Devan, host delegate-Miss Maharashtra, won 4 subtitles.
  2. Major crown front-runners like Maira Chowdhury, Navpreet Kaur, Mannat Singh etc didn’t win any title.
  3. Miss Rajasthan, Aditi Hundia, Miss Mizoram, Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii and Miss Bihar, Priyanka Kumari won 2 sub titles each, second highest count of the night.
  4. The South zone proved out to be weakest performer of the batch with having only 1 shared subtitle by Telangana. It is interesting to note that South was in fact the first zone to be crowned, giving the maximum time for preparation.
  5. West zone got maximum awards with 7 titles in kitty, North East girls bagged 5 titles, Eastern girls got 4 titles on their name while North received 3 titles on their account. South got only one shared title.
  6. Beauty with a Purpose award shall be handed over in finale, the winner of which gets a direct entry to the final line up of Top 10.

The titles and their winners are as below.

  1. Miss Talented- Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii & Simran Choudhary
  2. Miss Fashion Icon: Aditi Hundia
  3. Miss Vivacious: Audrey D’Silva
  4. Miss Goodness Ambassador: Priyanka Kumari
  5. Miss Popular: Rody H Vanlalhriatpuii
  6. Miss Rampwalk: Priyanka Kumari
  7. Miss Body Beautiful: Vamika Nidhi
  8. Miss Refreshing Beauty: Anukriti Gusain
  9. Best Makeover: Sana Dua
  10. Bleach Miss Glowing Skin: Triveni Barman
  11. Miss Tech Diva: Shefali Sood
  12. Lens Miss Spectacular Eyes: Aishwarya Devan
  13. Miss Lifestyle: Aishwarya Devan
  14. Miss Active: Vinali Bhatnagar
  15. Miss Getaway Goddess: Aditi Hundia
  16. Miss Congeniality: Rinky Chakma
  17. Miss Beautiful Smile: Aishwarya Devan
  18. Miss Photogenic: Manushi Chhillar
  19. Miss Rising Star: Aishwarya Devan
  20. Best in National Costume: Licha Thossum

With this, we have established that Aishwarya Devan most probably is locked in Top 5 and important title winners like Priyanka Kumari (Rampwalk), Manushi Chhillar (Photogenic), Vamika Nidhi (Body Beautiful) might crack it to the Top 10 in finale.

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Femina Miss India 2017 Subcontest Pictures

Picture Credits: Femina Miss India