Femina Miss India 2017: TGPC’s 2nd Hotpicks [EXCLUSIVE]

We at TGPC had spoken about state-wise pageants last year and this year it became a reality in Femina Miss India 2017.

One thing that we predicted then was that the format will lead to a batch which can show extreme characteristics.  The prediction seems to be reality now.  While some contestants of this batch are really strong and of international calibre, many contestants are a bit weak although they have potential to improve in future.

Another interesting point is that unlike almost all the previous Femina Miss India pageants, the fans are very much aware about the contestants from Day 1.

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Things are getting clearer as the pageant is progressing.  Our experts have for this hot picks picked Top 15 and classified them into three categories: Gold, Silver & Bronze.

Gold: Major favorite for Femina Miss India 2017 title
Silver: Strong enough to penetrate the Top 5 or Top 3
Bronze: Shows potential and can make it to the Top 10


Gold Band: Aishwarya Devan, Anukriti Gusain, Maira Chowdhry, Manushi Chhillar & Navpreet Kaur

Maharashtra, Aishwarya Devan: The star!  Very often we meet beauty queens who shine few months after winning.  However, some girls have it all in advance and one such person is Aishwarya.  She has the prettiest face this year and speaks quite fine.  She has acted in some films and has a strong fan base on social media.  Such fan base may not guarantee win to the girl, but it can certainly help a bit.

Uttarakhand, Anukriti Gusain: Anukriti maintains her presence in our Top 5.  While some contestants are naturally eloquent, Anukriti has developed her skills with time.  Nevertheless she is doing everything right by far and in our opinion will be a great choice for the main title.

Delhi, Maira Chowdhry:  Maira nailed the ‘Naina Katherine Kapoor’ look during the Facebook LIVE recently.  It was sheer pleasure just to see her watch sitting besides the ramp and smiling.  She speaks well, seems to have good self-esteem and exudes a lot of effortless sophistication.

Haryana, Manushi Chhillar: Manushi is fit.  She walks good.  She talks good.  She looks great in make-up.  She is a doctor in making.  In other words, she has most of the qualities that Miss World seeks in it’s winner.

Punjab, Navpreet Kaur:  Navpreet exudes a lot of confidence and it can be difficult to keep her out of the Top 5 this year too.  After all confidence is the key factor to win any competition.


Silver Band: ,Mannat Singh, Priyanka Kumari, Sana Dua, Simran Choudhary & Srishti Vyakaranam

Kerala, Mannat Singh: Mannat is the tallest contestant in the batch and speaks with a lot of confidence.  Of course, there is so much potential for improvement, but then most of her flaws are workable.  Height is definitely one quality that can help a girl stand out in international pageants and Miss India organization may pick her for Top 3 keeping this in mind, along with her other strengths.

Bihar, Priyanka Kumari: Priyanka has a fabulous body and a great walk.  She will definitely be one of the top contenders in Body Beautiful and Rampwalk rounds.  Her congenial personality is also a big strength.

Jammu & Kashmir, Sana Dua: Sana is beautiful lawyer.  She is well-spoken but comes across a bit raw.  She requires a lot pageant-specific grooming.  Nevertheless she is one girl who can shine in spite of her flaws.

Telangana, Simran Choudhary: Simran comes across as a well-educated, smart girl.  She has a lot of grace in the way she presents herself, which comes due to her dancing background.  Her bright presence will help her too.

Andhra Pradesh, Srishti Vyakaranam: Srishti has a beautiful face, almost doll-like.  If she works on herself to become more muscular in the right ways, she can almost pass off as a stunning latina.  Her pageant experience will help her too.


Bronze Band: Aditi Hundia, Rody Vanlalhriatpuii, Shivankita Dixit, Swathi Muppala & Triveni Barman

Rajasthan, Aditi Hundia: Aditi is facially gorgeous and could pull off a decent introduction unlike some other contestants.  Perhaps the Femina team can help find her versatility in terms of styling & make-up.  By now, in all her pictures and videos, we find her same-looking.  Perhaps some experiments can help her stand out and stay interesting to followers.

Mizoram, Rody Vanlalhriatpuii: Rody comes across as a calm, smart girl.  She is highly talented and is generally presentable.  Perhaps a little work on her body and some general grooming can be enough to make her a good representative for international pageants like Miss Grand International or Miss Supranational.  And yes, she is the best contestant from North East India at the moment.

West Bengal, Shivankita Dixit: Shivankita has a very “Indian” look and speaks very well.  Perhaps she is one of those people who look a lot better in person compared to pictures and videos.

Karnataka, Swathi Muppala: Swathi is the last-minute replacement of Ruhika Dass who was a major front-runner.  It can be difficult to fill the spot Ruhika left, but Swathi is not disappointing at all.  She spoke quite naturally and eloquently in her debut appearance and has a nice Indian face.  We are looking forward to see more of her in the pageant.

Assam, Triveni Barman: Triveni has a gorgeous face and some people compare her beauty with that of Olivia Culpo, which is a huge compliment.  She has a commercial look which can do well in movies and television shows.  But yes, she is a bit raw for international pageants.

TGPC’s 2nd Hotpicks

Femina Miss India 2017 is already a hit pageant and we are looking forward to know the girls more!  The next hotpicks will be released after there is notable increase in our knowledge about the contestants.