Decline in viewership: Will Miss USA perish soon?

There is a huge decline in viewership of Miss USA this year.  The Miss USA 2017 show got just 2.9 million viewers which is less than what the show got in years prior to FOX/IMG merger with Miss Universe Organization.  Even the recent Miss Universe pageant (Miss Universe 2016)  had 50 % decline in viewership compared to years before the merger.  Most shows with such less viewership are axed.  Even re-runs of the old popular shows do better.  Compared to this, Miss America on average gets around 7 million viewers making it the most popular pageant in the country.

As per many fans, the exclusion of Miss California India Williams from Top 5 was unjustified and unexplainable.  She is the kind of girl who could have won in the Trump era.

What can be the reasons for such decline?  There are many.  The show is now boring and slow with numerous videos which can be easily edited out and have nothing to do with the actual competition.  Who would watch a live event which has around 40 % of videos instead of actual action?  The number of semi-finalists is reduced and there is also change in criteria of selections.  The show is turning into Miss America.  Even Miss Universe seems to be changing on similar lines.  On the other hand, under Trump the show was lively and fun.  It was glamorous.  It had it’s naysayers but a good number of people liked it for what it was.

Savvy Shields of Arkansas is crowned as Miss America 2017
With more than double the number of viewers compared to Miss USA, Miss America is the most popular national pageant in the country.

What can be done to resolve this?  Reduce the videos!  Increase the number of semi-finalists.  Have personal interviews with all girls who make the cut.  The competition should be the focus of the show.  It’s like, watching a documentary movie can be boring but a fiction movie with same message can be more impactful.

Let’s hope Miss Universe sorts this problem out.  Miss USA is a wonderful pageant and we do not want to see it dying under any circumstances!