Pedro Gicca from Brazil won Mister Global 2017

Pedro Gicca from Brazil won Mister Global 2017

Pedro Gicca from Brazil was declared as the winner of Mister Global 2017. The event was held at Chiangmai Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Pedor is 29 year old and he battled out 27 other delegates to claim the title of Mister Global. He succeeded Tomas Martinka from Czech Republic as the new Mister Global. Pedro is an electrical engineer by qualification. He is the first American to win this title.

Pedro Gicca from Brazil won Mister Global 2017

At the same event, Gerrie Havenga from South Africa was declared as the first runner-up who also won the Best Physique award Christopher Bramell from England was declared as the second runner-up. Christopher was also one of the Top 5 at both Mr World 2016 and Manhunt International 2016. Fabián Vera from Chile was declared as the third runner-up, while Thuan Nguyen from Vietnam was declared as the fourth runner-up in the pageant. The complete result is as below.

Mister Global 2017 Results

Winner: Brazil

1st runner-up: South Africa

2nd Runner-up: England

3rd Runner-up: Chile

4th Runner-up: Vietnam

Top 10: Indonesia, Puerto Rico, India, Spain and China.

Top 16: Myanmar, Panama, Korea, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Philippines.

Special Awards

Best in National Costume: Sri Lanka

Internet Popularity: Myanmar

Mister Congeniality: Korea

Best Model: Spain

Mister Photogenic: China

Mister Charming Smile: Philippines.

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