Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017, clarifies her answer about healthcare.

Kara McCullough

Miss USA 2017 Kara McCullough became the center of controversy when her opinions of healthcare were criticized on the internet, almost immediately after her crowning as Miss USA 2017.   During the Top 5 Q/A round, Kara was asked whether Health-care is a privilege or right.  She said it’s a privilege.

In an interview after the pageant, Kara was asked if she was surprised by the reaction on internet to her answer.  Kara said –

Not at all. I believe that’s what America is based on, like having opinions and views. But I would like to take this moment to truly just clarify. Because I am a woman, I am going to own what I said. I am privileged to have health care and I do believe that it should be a right. I hope and pray moving forward that healthcare is a right for all worldwide.

Kara was then asked if she would like to change anything that she said.  Here’s what she said,

I would love to clarify. Really hone in on couple of those suffix and everything; and let them know hey I am privileged to have health care. And I just want people to see where I was coming from. Having a job, I have to look at healthcare like it is a privilege.

Complete video:

Wow the new Miss USA is SO ARTICULATE.  Anyway, we hope this puts an end to the controversy!