How to win Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant now? [Formula Decoded]

The Trump era in Miss Universe Organisation ended in 2015 and the new organisation IMG, took over the pageants from Miss Universe 2015 onward. People started believing that since IMG is world famous modelling agency, they will focus more on picking up hot stage performers and personality of the contestant shall get sidelined. However, to everybody’s surprise the new organisation completely changed the way the contestants were getting shortlisted, let alone selecting the winners. The editions after Miss Universe 2015 (Including Miss USA and Miss Teen USA) have been an upgrade in terms of the direction the organisation was going and also in terms of production. It looked like they were trying to get back the reputation that Trump ruined during last years of his presidential at Miss Universe Org.

The focus of Miss Universe organisation has now shifted from selecting the winners who were stage performers to the winners who are secured individuals and the one who can be synonymous to ‘Woman of Substance’. From last 5 editions of Miss Universe+Miss USA+ Miss Teen USA, we could draw the following conclusions of what vision does organisation have while selecting the winner.

Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016
Deshauna Barber created statement by winning Miss USA with her profession as Military officer
  1. High on Education and Achievements: The new organisation is looking on the women empowerment factor a lot. The way they are promoting the girls with their achievements, their qualifications and their job profile, it seems they are motivating girls to be highly qualified before they even think of winning Miss USA/Universe. Gone are the days when a girl used to make it to the finals mere on the basis of 15 seconds of ramp walk on stage in their evening gown and swimsuit and with a little focus on interview. The girl now need to be highly confident and should be able to hold the conversation on various topic, which requires good education. With their recent selection of winners, be it Deshauna Barber who was a Military officer, be it Iris Mittenaere who is a dentist or be it Kara McCullough who is a scientist, it is observed that a girl need to be a lot more than just being a beauty queen or a successful model. This looks very similar on line of Miss America, where personality has a lot more focus and somewhat similar to Miss World’s winner selection.

    Miss Canada during Miss Universe 2016 (Left) and during Miss Supranational 2015(Right). She was criticised for being healthy at Miss Universe.
  2. You need STORY: Stories seems to be doing too well with the new organisation. If you have a great story to tell to the people, then organisation might be ;interested in knowing you and even highlighting your story to the world. They appreciate your uniqueness. Consider Miss Canada at Miss Universe 2016 who was being bashed for being ‘healthy’ and not being the Miss Universe prototype body frame. She gave the reply to her naysayers and this became the major hit episode during the Miss Universe contest and she even made it to Top 9 in finale. Another story was surrounding Miss Haiti who survived a massive earth quake in her country which got highlight in the finale. Another story that revolved around this year’s Miss USA contest was of Alaska who was a native american and wanted to promote her culture that she designed her unique gown as a tribute to her culture.

    Missouri was the first Afr0 American to win Miss Missouri USA
  3. Be the First: Seems like the organisation has got a craze for every FIRST thing. First Military officer to win Miss USA, First Scientist to win Miss USA, First Dentist to win Miss Universe, First Miss Kenya to place in Miss Universe, First American African to win Miss Missouri etc etc. They have focused upon the word ‘FIRST’ so many times that we feel this trend is going to continue for a longer time.

    all 50 states plus district of Columbia will compete at Miss USA 2017
    The last 2 editions of Miss USA and Universe had girls from different ethnicity
  4. Diversity Matters: Looks like FOX wishes to ensure the diversity, which could be observed in the selection of finalists of Miss USA and Miss Universe in last 2 edition. Previously Latina used to dominate Miss Universe final line up and blondes used to dominate Miss USA. However, if you observe last 2 years, the pool of contestants has been so diverse that you don’t get a chance of complaining to the organisation about them being racist, which Miss Universe was often criticized for in Trump era. There were times when there was a complete Asian black out or a complete African balck out. But we doubt that is happening anymore with IMG.
  5. First Impression is Last Impression: If you happen to observe the judging ┬ápanel of Miss USA 2017 or Miss Universe 2016 closely, you would realize that they had repetitive judges for Preliminary as well as Finale, with 2-3 new judges in finale. This gives a clear indication that the organisation doesn’t want a girl who just performs the BEST in finale. Instead they want to have a girl who is consistent through out which is only possible if the closed door interview judges during preliminary repeats in finale as well. This ensures that judges are well aware who deserves the most to win the contest based on overall aspect compared to just 2 hours stage performance. Remember, if you have impressed the judges a lot in closed door interview, most probably they will favour you in finale as well even if you don’t perform the best. As they say, your first impression is your last impression.

So if you wish to win Miss USA or Miss Universe, do prepare considering all the above points in mind. What do you say?

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