Miss USA 2017 Preliminary Evening Gowns: Best and Worst Designs

Miss USA 2017 prelims took place on 11th May 2017 at Mandalay Bay resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 51 contestants competed in Swimsuit and evening gowns for a place in the final top 10 of the pageant. Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016 from DOC will be crowning her successor on 15th May. This year the gowns very more modern and contemporary compared to pageant patty and prom styles gowns. White,black and metallic were the dominating colors. What we loved is that the girls looked chic and modern. We have listed 10 Best Gown Designs and 5 Worst Gown Designs of the night. Let us have a look at them.

Best Evening Gown Designs

District Of Columbia

Miss District of Columbia, Kára McCullough wore a high slit flowy white gown with golden top. This gown looked so interesting onto her that many started believing that back to back might happen tonight in the Miss USA finale. She carried the gown really well.


Miss Louisiana, Bethany Trahan wore a breath taking black gown which had very minute workmanship onto it combined with mesh paneling. The ribbon in the backside of the gown added a charm of another level. This might be our most favourite gown of the contest.


Miss Missouri, Bayleigh Dayton wore a classy red bottle design gown that fitted her so well. The creases in the lower part looked classy and this might be one of the best strapless gown we have seen in the contest this year.


Miss Nevada, Lauren York wore a white column gown featuring sheer paneling on the sides which was designed by Venezuelan designer, Dheymid Calaviz. Another stunning gown of the night.

North Carolina

Miss North Carolina, Katie Colbe. She is blessed with a body of a Victoria Secret Model and face of a international supermodel. Katie’s team did the right thing by giving her a dramatic non pageant patty outfit. The silk pleated metallic gown designed by Gregory Ellennurg just looked amazing on Katie and she looked like a true runway diva in it.

New Hampshire

Miss New Hampshire, Sarah Mousseau looked absolutely stunning and a cleanly styled girl in that silver paneled gown combined with flowy trail in the back.


Miss Pennsylvania, Cassandra Angst became the hot sensation in the prediction list after her appearance in that sexy see through gown in silver. She looked bold diva during her evening gown round. We also loved that lower shoulder collar against the traditional upper shoulders.

South Carolina

Miss South Carolina, Megan Gordon wore a design similar to the evening gown of what Deshauna Barber wore last year during her preliminary. Is it an indication that she might just win tonight? We’ll see. However, we loved the colour of the gown and the trail attached to it. Many even claimed that she was one of the best performers of the night.


Miss Texas, Nancy Gonzalez wore a heavy gold beaded work gown that made her look expensive. Such gown requires class to carry and Nancy displayed it like a pro.


Miss Virginia, Jacqueline Carroll wore a stunning contrasting black and white gown that made her an instant stand out. Sometimes simple things make most impact and Virginia’s gown is a classy example of that. She is our sentimental favourite to win tomorrow.

Worst Evening Gown Designs


Miss Minnesota, Meridith Gould wore a gown that reminded us of bubble wrappers that is used to protect breakable items.  The plain design would have done much better on her.


Miss Montana,Brooke Bezanson wore a gown that was wrong from every angle. They say white is the safest bet but seems it didn’t work out here. That cape was worst part of the gown. We feel Brooke would have looked much better if the gown didn’t have cape at all.


Miss Oregon, Elizabeth Denny looked classy but that shine and shimmer in gown is way too outdated now. This looked more like gown recycled from a chocolate rapper than a piece of cloth. We feel pity for the girl.

South Dakota

Miss South Dakota, Tessa Dee didn’t actually wore the worst design but this gown looks too outdated. The design of the gown is too simple to win the crown of Miss USA. It was forgettable. We really wish she changes the gown if she makes it to the Top 10 of finale.


Miss Utah, Baylee Jensen wore a gown that was completely not suitable to her. The gown was so disproportionate for her body frame that it made her look so broad on the shoulders and made her look extremely slim in lower part. It breaks our heart when we see such a stunning girl not getting the best of the resources, in fact her mother is also a former Miss USA.

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