Miss USA 2017: Final Hot-picks [Exclusive]

Everyone is making their lists for Miss USA 2017.  The pageant was short this time but the excitement it has managed to create is huge.  No wonder it is one of the best national pageants in the world.  People from different countries are knowing more about American states, thanks to the pageant.  There are some girls who enjoyed a lot of hype prior to the pageant, but now have fizzled out.  And there are some girls who let their prelim performances speak for themselves.  After going through all the possible information that is available about the contestants on the internet and of course the preliminary show, our experts have arrived at their final Hot-picks.

Top 5

Top 5 (In order) – NJ, CA, KS, NV, PA
  • New Jersey (1st) is our Top pick for the title of Miss USA 2017.  Not only she did exceptionally well in the prelims, she is one of the talked-about contestants and has a profile suitable to what Miss USA seems to be looking for.  It would be interesting to see an Indian-American win the title in times when the country is talking about immigrants and Trump’s stand on the matter.
  • California (2nd) is our second pick and we really had to think why not to keep her first.  She is also our Top choice for ‘Best in Swimsuit’.  She is downright stunning and totally rocked the prelims with her beauty and poise.  African-American winning Miss USA titles for two consecutive years is something that hasn’t happened, but if it happens this year, it will be probably thanks to California’s India.
  • Kansas (3rd) is a surprise for many because she is looking way better than she did in her state pageant.  Her lean body and model-like looks made her one of the standouts in the prelims.
  • Nevada (4th) always sends a prepared delegate and Lauren is no exception.  The girl gave a strong prelim performance and we don’t see her out of the actual Top 10 for sure.
  • Pennsylvania (5th) is one of the most popular delegates.  Her face is to die for and her overall look is very commercial.  Her prelims weren’t particularly strong, but the game is perhaps not over for her.

Top 10

Top 6-10 (In order) – HI, SC, NC, CO, IN
  • Hawaii (6th) has been extensively trained by Shandi Finnessey and Susie Castillo, along with California.  However, we were a little letdown by her prelims performance.  It’s wasn’t bad, but we don’t see a winner in her.
  • South Carolina (7th) in fact impressed us, particularly in her evening gown performance.  The girl is graceful and effortlessly confident.  Wonder why she chose a one-piece swimsuit though.
  • North Carolina (8th) was a runner-up in Miss Teen USA in past.  She is slim and trim, but presented herself with good confidence.  Her eyes are beautiful.
  • Colorado (9th) actually nailed it in the swimsuit round particularly.  She is cute and girly, the kind of girl you would like to date!
  • Indiana (10th) has a story.  She had skin cancer lumps in past and now she is actively promoting awareness on skin cancer.  She has a great body and presented herself with a lot of confidence.


Top 11-15 (In order) – WY, NY, RI, IL, NH
  • Wyoming (11th) delivered in both rounds of the prelims.  Her choice of gown was good, and the presence was charming. However, we don’t see a winner in her!
  • New York (12th) is one of the best faces out there.  She was decent in the swimsuit round, but the commercial look helped her a lot in the evening gown round.
  • Rhode Islands (13th) is not really a big favorite, but she gave a decent performance and some experts feel she can surprise everyone with a high placement.
  • Illinois (14th) wore a gown which looked inspired from gowns of Deshauna Barber in Miss USA 2016 and Srinidhi Shetty in Miss Supranational 2016. She is super-fit and a placement won’t be surprising.
  • New Hampshire (15th) looks a bit like former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo at times and managed to pull off a good performance in the prelims.  She would be one of our favorite surprises, if she places in Top 5.

Vote for your favorite Miss USA 2017 contestant in our poll.  We will know the results within in less than 2 days now.  Kudos to Miss USA for pulling off such a fun pageant.  We hope USA gets a wonderful winner this time.