Miss USA 2017: 10 Best Evening Gown Performances [Prelims EG Gallery]

Remember Miss USA 2015 when Olivia Jordan shocked the audiences with her amazing performance in evening gown round of the prelims? She practically won the whole pageant in those few seconds, in the eyes of many pageant gurus. The world got her attention and suddenly she became the ultimate favorite who eventually won in the finals too. That’s how important the evening gown round is. After all it is a beauty pageant and the evening gown round is the chance to flaunt your beauty to the max! This year Miss USA 2017 contestants made the best of this chance and we saw really good performances. Here’s the Top 10 picks of our experts.

Best Evening Gown Performances in the Prelims 

  1. California – India Williams received some criticism for the gown and the styling, nevertheless she looked breathtakingly beautiful during the round.  Her facial beauty and aura made this the standout performance, re-affirming our opinion that she was perhaps the best in the presentation show.
  2. New Jersey – Chhavi Verg came out in a black gown.  While there was no unnecessary experimentation in terms of styling and it is a good thing, Chhavi made it up with her confidence and lovely expressions.
  3. South Carolina – Megan Gordon nailed it when it comes to self-assurance and stage presence.  There was a lot of calm confidence in the walk, which speaks a lot about her personality.
  4. Nevada – Lauren York wore a gown which is bit similar to the gown wore by former Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach in her national pageant.  Girls from this state often wear fabulous gowns, hence it was no surprise.
  5. Kansas – Catherine Carmichael is tall, lean and striking.  Her walk is good.  In our opinion, she deserves a better gown.  She needs a dress which compliments her magnificence.                                                                           
  6. Wyoming – Mikaela Shaw came out in a nice gown.  The best thing about her performance was that it looked largely flawless.  Of course, there was scope for more impact, but overall it was a fine effort.
  7. Indiana – Brittany Winchester came out in a rich-looking gown and presented herself with a lot of confidence. Styling and make-up are important, but confidence and smile are perhaps the main “weapons” that the contestants must use to ace this round.
  8. New York – Hannah Lopa has a commercial look.  Her face is gorgeous and it was the main attraction in this performance.
  9. Massachusetts – Julia Scaparotti looked classy in the beautiful black dress and a hair-do which really suited the look.  Her postures were good too.  It was a very controlled performance.  Very likable!
  10. Utah – Baylee Jensen has received negative feedback from pageant followers for her lackluster performance in the prelims and we agree, she could do a lot better.  Then why is she in the Top 10?  We believe the tall beauties always have an advantage in such shows, because the judges just cannot miss them.  The magnificent height and gorgeous face must have helped Baylee get some good points in this round.

Here, they are!  Our Top 10 favorites in the Evening Gown competition.  Most of these ladies did well in swimsuit round too.

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