Miss USA 2017: Top 5 Best in Swimsuits [Prelims Swimsuit Gallery]

Swimsuit competition of Miss USA 2017 was fun to watch!  The great thing about the Miss USA pageant is that many of the contestants have very good bodies, compared to most of the other national pageants.  Pageantry is popular in the country and there are many contestants who have walked the ramp in bikinis before, unlike many other national pageants.  Fitness is important but confidence is the key ingredient.  Here are the five contestants who did it for us in the preliminary competition.

5) Miss New Jersey – Chhavi Verg

Chhavi Verg, Miss New Jersey USA 2017

One of the few girls of Indian-origin to have competed on Miss USA stage, Chhavi Verg was a pro in the swimsuit competition.  Her body is in great form, but her main weapon was her confidence and those sexy expressions. This dusky Goddess looked seductive and yet she did not look lewd or vulgar even for one moment.  That’s how you do it, Chhavi!

4) Miss Indiana – Brittany Winchester

Brittany Winchester, Miss Indiana USA 2017

Brittany Winchester was a picture of perfection during the swimsuit competition.  The figure was flawless and toning was impeccable.  The best thing though, was the confidence and the undeniable presence.

3) Miss Colorado – Sabrina Janssen

Sabrina Janssen, Miss Colorado USA 2017

Sabrina Janssen has Goddess-like features, but very humble, cute way of presenting herself.  Her body is very feminine, like Miss Universe Paraguay 2004.  Often ace swimmers have such flawless bodies.

2) Miss Kansas – Catherine Carmichael

Catherine Carmichael, Miss Kansas USA 2017

Supermodel alert!  That height, that body, that face, that walk – Kansas left me spellbound! Catherine Carmichael looks very striking and it would be no surprise if she wins Miss USA on 14th.

1) Miss California – India Williams

India Williams, Miss California USA 2017

Probably the prettiest girl this year!  India Williams is a diamond.  Her face is beautiful, very attractive.  She is in great shape and presents herself like a winner.

Close-shots (random order): Wyoming, Illinois, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Hawaii, Arkansas, Idaho, Oklahoma

Miss USA 2017 Preliminary Swimsuit Competition Gallery


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Credits: Miss USA