Emanii Davis, Miss USA runner-up, aims Miss World America

Emanii Davis

Emanii Davis has announced on her Instagram account that she plans to compete in Miss World America pageant, the winner of which will represent the United States of America at Miss World pageant.  Emanii was Miss Georgia USA 2016 and finished third to Deshauna Barber in Miss USA 2016.  Although not clarified, it can be assumed that she is perhaps planning to compete in Miss World America 2017 and if she wins, she will represent the United States at Miss World 2017, which is scheduled to be held in December 2017 in People’s Republic of China.

The announcement has been taken positively by most pageant fans.  Emanii Davis has all the qualities that are desired in a good Miss World representative.  This was noted by pageant gurus when Miss USA 2016 was concluded.  She is highly graceful in the way she presents herself.  Her styling and behavior were very ‘Miss World’ in Miss USA finals.  She speaks well too and can do great in Miss World pageant.

However, there is a group of people who feel she will not win Miss World America and even if she does, she will not do well at Miss World.  As per buzz, Miss World organization has decided to avoid cross-over beauties.  Since Emanii Davis participated in Miss USA which is preliminary to Miss Universe, it might work against her.  At the same time, some feel this shouldn’t be a problem because the rule (if there is actually any) applies only for girls who participated in international pageants which is not the case here.  It’s not even sure if Miss World actually has such policies.  Last year itself Yaritza Reyes (Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2013) finished second in Miss World.  In any case, we do feel that Miss World Organization should take a broader and kinder stand by avoiding such rules.  Let’s hope we see Emanii at Miss World 2017!