Daniel Dsouza’s Miss USA 2017 Hot-picks

Hello World! I am back with my predictions!  Miss USA preliminary just happened few hours back and pageant fans around the globe are already having their favourites to wear the Miss USA crown.  Before I tell you my top bet, I will like to explain how I choose this Top 10.  They are completely based on their website introduction videos + Preliminary Swimsuit + Preliminary Evening gown.  Overall this Batch is quite weak; some of the early birds were really disaster, while some came out of the shell and owned the night.


California ~ India Williams (WINNER)
Her performance in the swimsuit might be a bit bouncy, but it was pleasant to watch the moment she entered the stage; you can definitely feel her presence, she totally owned the night!  But yes she needs to change the gown for the finals.
Pennsylvania ~ Cassandra Angst
This 23-years old beauty might not have the best body but her performance in both the rounds was decent enough to push her through the Top 10 finals.  Loved her overall look in evening gown with that sheer gown with beautiful working on the top portion.  One can definitely see she has a beautiful stage presence.
New Jersey ~ Chhavi Verg
This 20 years old Indian-American is on fire..  Chhavi’s swimsuit performance was bang on.  She might have looked a bit confused at the start of her evening gown performance, but overall her performance was really strong with the very shapely deep neckline gown.  One-side hairdo might be a bit edgy, but she nailed it in it..  Still she can work on her stage presence.


District Of Colombia ~ Kára McCullough
Another intelligent beauty queen from DC..  She has a huge pressure right now since the reigning Miss USA Deshauna is from DC.. But still she did well in both the rounds and made remarkable impact; she is for sure in top 10… If she enters Top 3, then we might see a back 2 back happening in Miss USA.. She is beauty with a brain.
Hawaii ~ Julie Kuo
I still remember when she was crowned Miss USA Hawaii I was seriously upset as I thought she was a huge downgrade to last year’s Miss Hawaii who was 1st Runner-up.. But Oh my Gosh her performance in her Tangerine high slight gown was va va voom.. She even did well in swimsuit and I am awestricken.. Lessons learned, never judge a book by its cover.
Louisiana ~ Bethany Trahan
I personally love her to the core; she had one of the most beautiful black gown of the night.  The detailing was great and her performance was spot on..  She is here to win it so don’t understand her.. She is the silent killer of the competition.

TOP 10

South Carolina ~ Megan Gordon
One of the 3 girls who whore one piece bikini and still rocked the stage.. Her evening gown was all on point.. Just a little smile will elevate her performance or should I say will enhance her performance even more.
Nevada ~ Lauren York
Her evening gown was definitely inspired by a Venezuelan beauty queen’s gown; she managed to gave a pretty solid performance in both the rounds so it all come down how she did in her interview; but yes she sure has a spot reserved for her in finals, at least in my top 10.
Illinois ~ Whitney Wandland
Her performance in the evening gown was so bubbly.. She was having her time and she enjoyed it.. that’s what the competition is all about to have fun.. About her evening gown I was a bit disappointed because she tried to be like Deshauna this could backfire her if I neglect that that gold fringe gown made her stand out of the crowd.
Massachusetts ~ Julia Scaparotti
Hands down this girl had to be in top 10.. There is no way she can’t place after giving such strong performance in both the round. Not sure about the crown but if she performance like her preliminary she can be in in Top 6 too…


Texas ~ Nancy Gonzalez
She might not be as pretty as some of the girls but those pretty girl fell flat while Texas ruled over them.. She really have a very good performance in evening gown but her swimsuit was okay.
North Carolina ~ Katie Coble
The only girl who took the risk and it paid it all..Her gown was unique and I am clearly she must have made a memorable impact on judging panel hopefully she might have done well too in her interview.
Virginia ~ Jacqueline Carroll
One of the only ball gown I loved… Black and white a very old combination but it always work.. Head to toe her styling was all on point but too bad she had a very bad execution could have done well with that gown.. But she sure rocked the swimsuit.
Kentucky ~ Madelynne Myers
She gave a safe performance in swimsuit but she was unable to maintain the momentum in her evening gown.. Maryland – Adrianna David It’s good to smile on stage and have fun but out of control laugh might be caution too..and too soke point it appeared fake smile and laugh to be..though her walk was on point but could have control that laugh.

Author: Daniel Dsouza (Pageant Expert from TGPC group)