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Inspirational Story: A girl who tried 9 times before winning a Beauty Pageant

Megan Wise, Miss Ohio USA 2017

This story is not about strong determination of a girl but is also a lesson for all of us that those who don’t give up on life, life doesn’t give up on them. Megan Wise, who was Miss Ohio USA 2016 didn’t succeed to win the title for 8 times yet she didn’t give up. She tried one last time as she was in her last year of eligibility for becoming state winner of Miss USA and her stars favoured her.!!

Megan Wise, Miss Ohio USA 2017

Megan Wise starter participating since 2008 and kept participating till 2016, the year when she finally won. Megan was already 27 in 2016 so had she not won this, the chapter of participation would have closed for her. She made it to the Top 5 of the state pageant everytime, except 2011. However, the experience and hard work didn’t go in vain. She won last year and was then one of the Top 15 at Miss USA 2016.  She was also a finalist for America’s Next Top Model in 2012. Salute to her determination..!!!

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