Lunette Fashion Presents ‘Pageant Q&A Series-3’: Episode-2 [Results]

Hello everyone! WE are back with a bang with third season of Lunette Fashion” presents Pageant Questions Series-3. We are as excited about this season as you all are. We are glad that the very first round of this season has received an overwhelming response! Hope this season like all the previous ones continues to nurture your creativity, hone your answering skills, aid in your intellectual growth and be of all the help in your life as far as possible. We encourage both pageant aspirants and pageant fans alike to participate in this season.

This weeks judges are: Saloni SharmaAndreas Sarkar (from TGPC Expert Panel) and Bhairavi Burad (Miss TGPC 2016,the guest judge for this week)

Bhairavi Burad, Miss TGPC 2016 (The guest judge for ROUND 1)

Here’s the question for this week:

Moving on to the results:

4th runner up: Rimzenith Tamang
Her Answer: If I were to develop wings overnight. I would first fly above the clouds and watch sunrise from there. It would be an unique experience to see the first rays of sun spreading over the fluffy clouds, with beautiful shades of yellow, orange and pink. Then, I would fly to every land of scenic beauty and watch the astonishing view from the sky. I would also visit different wonders of the world and of course, mysterious places like Bermuda triangle and find out if it is true or just a myth. Thank you!

3rd runner up: Preeti Jiwane
Her Answer: I see developing wings as nothing but to be free from all the worldly problems you carry mentally and be able to think from a refreshed and positive mind…according to me wings cant be developed overnight you need to have that courage to let go of all the fears and insecurities you hold…if i am able to conquer my inner demons i would definitely see the world with a whole new and brighter more gentle.. enjoy life a little more and channelize all my optimistic energy into learning and doing something productive . Thank you.

2nd runner up: Tanishq Verma
His Answer: if I were to develop wings overnight i would like to go to Syria and take all the children who have became the victim of war and take them to a safe place where they can learn,grow and become a better human being.because I believe they are the future of our planet and its our duty to offer them good living conditions. Thank u!

1st runner up: Ruth Charlesworth
His Answer: It would be a dream come true to an aviation lover. I am currently studying to be a pilot so I can spread my wings and fly. Wingwalking is my passion. The feeling of cold air on my cheeks and the rush to my soul. Sends a calm accomplished and free feeling to my heart. If i had developed wings overnight I would be an angel to the helpless and the needy. I would fly to every child who is in pain and unhappy. I would be their reason for living another day to look forward to a new beginning.

And The WINNER of the round 1 is:


Chinkey Saini, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Chinkey Saini

Her Answer: To me,wings are synonymous to breaking free the stereotypes and consuming yourself with what you want and this courage itself makes you fly high in emotions and focus that literal wings can never do but if I’ll get to develop the ‘wings’ I’d do everything aligning my affinity to run wild.It may be discovering the horizon or watching our planet from the space.Be it sleeping on a cloud or playing along the tides.I’ll do that all and return home with the radiance of having explored my fictional side and next family vacation spot.

Completing the top 10: Dr. Roma Jee, Chris Marbri, Simeon Singsit, Hemanth Macha, Ravina Ramdhanie!
Close shots: Malosri Basu, Lalit Sankar, Shakeel, Juan Spain, Abu Pame.

Congratulations all of you!!! Well done.


  1. Chinkey being the winner of First Round, gets a direct entry to the semi-finals 🙂  
  2. Only the entries that followed the rules were considered while evaluation by judges.  

PQAS3 Current Leader-Board

Leader-board Post Round 1

Just to remind you all: The winners of the 9 weekly episodes get direct entries in Top 12 of semi-finals.  The vacant spots by the end of 9 episodes will be filled based on the leader-board, hence consistently good performers will make it to the semi-finals even if they don’t win!  The topper of the leader-board at the end of 9 episodes will get a direct entry to the Grand Finale, hence even the winners of weekly episodes are encouraged to participate in all the episodes prior to semi-finals.

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