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Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Finale Hotpicks by TGPC!!!

The finale of the biggest and the most anticipated national pageant in the Philippines is now fast approaching. With 40 equally gorgeous women competing for 6 crowns. We can’t deny the fact that this batch is one of the best batches ever in Binibining Pilipinas history. So without further ado, let’s get started with our final hotpicks for BBP 2017!

For Miss Universe Philippines 2017, Mariel de Leon

For Miss Universe Philippines 2017, Mariel de Leon

Mariel de Leon– She’s definitely the face of the competition, she may not have the best body but who cares, with that classic and angelic beauty plus towering height, she could give any girls the run for their money. Remember the last stint of Pia Wurtzbach at BBP way back 2015 where she was as voluptuous as Mariel, but she still won the coveted crown over many girls who had pageant-ready body, after all, she will be having a long period of months to prepare for their international competition. Like Pia as well, she has celebrity blood running through her veins, being the daughter of two famous actors, so most probably many judges will definitely notice her immediately even before the coronation night. She’s very articulate, talented being an Opera singer and a professional model and well-rounded person which the new owner of MU Org are looking for.

For Miss International Philippines 2017-Charmaine Elima

Charmaine Elima– She is the front-runner of the competition, whom every pageant related sites are rooting for to become Miss Universe Philippines, but there’s something in her that hinders from winning the top plum of ours. Her height is a major concern, although many believe that height doesn’t matter anymore but after all it’s a beauty pageant, you need to be tall to get notice from swarm of beauties. Her classic filipina beauty will make her get noticed in the Japanese-based pageant, given that all 6 winners from the Philippines share the same beauty. She’s very smart and determine as well, a perfect candidate for a back-to-back win.

Miss Supranational Philippines 2017, Sirene Sutton

Sirene Sutton– With her towering height, great pasarela, oozing sex appeal and caucasian looks, the European-based pageant will love her instantly. Even without beauty camp at her back to help her, she’s still managed to polished her pasarela and became pageant-ready as compared to others, after all Mutya Datul doesn’t have any camp in her BBP stint as well, so who knows, maybe she will become the next Miss Supranational like Mutya as well.

Miss Interncontinental Philippines 2017, Dindi Pajares

Miss Interncontinental Philippines 2017, Dindi Pajares

Dindi Pajares– With the recent pattern with all the recent Miss Intercontinental winners: smart, towering height and great catwalk, she will be the perfect candidate for this European-based pageant. Given her last stint last year, she will definitely making sure she will deliver this time and get any crown and with her portfolio, this pageant is perfect for her.

Miss Grand Philippines 2017, Jehza Huelar

Miss Grand Philippines 2017, Jehza Huelar

Jehza Huelar-Many pageant fans find her beauty quite similar to Miss Universe Thailand 2016, Chalita Suansane, so she gained a lot of Thai supporters. She’s very smart as well and has a great catwalk perfect for this Thai-based pageant.

Miss Globe Phillipines 2017, Rachel Peters

Miss Globe Phillipines 2017, Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters– The girl who has the greatest body in the competition and a beautiful face that Canadian-based pageant will definitely love. With her experience as well from Miss World Philippines, it will definitely help her a lot to get any crown this year and Miss Globe will be perfect for her.

1st Runner-up:  Katarina Rodriguez

1st Runner-up: Katarina Rodriguez

 Katarina Rodriguez– Her beauty alone will definitely give her any crown but many things will definitely hinder her from winning any crowns this year: height, styling and catwalk, she needs to choose the perfect styling that would make her tall and she still needs to polish her catwalk as well in which takes for years, so a runner-up position is best for her for now so that she can still prepare for next year.

2nd Runner-up: Arienne Calingo

2nd Runner-up: Arienne Calingo

Arienne Calingo– The smartest girl in the competition, but it is not a guarantee for a crown. She needs to work on her pasarela and she needs to choose the perfect styling that will make her stand out.

There you go, our final hotpick for this year Binibining Pilipinas. Who will reign supreme, find out this April 30, live at Araneta Coliseum in the fun-filled Philippines!

Author: Andrea Paul Mellejor


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