Reha Sukjeha! Please join MISS DIVA 2017.

Reha Sukjeha! Please join MISS DIVA 2017.

Femina Miss India gave up the franchisee of Miss Universe back in 2009 and Sushmita Sen, the first ever Miss Universe from India, got the franchise under her directorship in 2010. The very first season started off with a bang where Sushmita promised and gave confidence to the pageant fans that India would become a threat again at Miss Universe in various press conferences. The pageant circuit in India became so hopeful that very soon we shall be getting our first 3rd Miss Universe crown.

Reha Sukjeha! Please join MISS DIVA 2017.

However, when the contestants were revealed, the batch was received very negatively for a reason that people believed that it hardly had 1-2 girls who had potential to stand out at Miss Universe. 2 girls that absolutely grabbed the attention of public were Harshita Saxena and Reha Sukheja. While Harshita was a repeated, Reha was extremely young and fresh, probably just 18 years old. Reha had one major advantage which none other girl had, was that she was 6+ feet tall. That height could have got us the placement ;). As the contest progressed, the heat started building up and Reha started becoming the ultimate favourite of every one. However, in finale, she was favourite to win till Top 5 but she became too nervous in answering her final question and that cost her the crown. She was declared 1st runner-up, missed the crown by whiskers.

Reha Sukjeha! Please join MISS DIVA 2017.

In 2013, the franchise of Miss Universe for India went to Miss Diva organisation and we had a hope to select a girl who would at least place in finale and perform well. The performance have been neutral, as out of 4 girls only 2 placed in Top 15 in last 4 years. Coming back to Reha Sukheja, recently we came across a picture of hers and we were stunned. Our team then checked out her recent videos and we were amazed by the amount of transformation this girl has undergone in past 7 years. She now walks for big shot brands in fashion shows and also her walk is one to die for. The grace and elegance that this girl has got is something that will make her a major front runner at Miss Universe right away. Moreover, her speaking skills have improved by leaps and bound, experience helps you see.

We feel if India wishes to win Miss Universe or atleast become a major front runner, Reha needs to go there. She will definitely put India back on map of Top 5 and stun everyone with her towering height.. ❤

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