Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 16: Final 3 [Transforming Lives]

Miss TGPC did not take much time to gain popularity inspite of being an online pageant.  The fees for participation are very low.  It is easy to participate.  The eligibility criteria is lenient.  The process of selection of winners is fair and transparent.  The winners get a lot of opportunities, ranging from photoshoots and training to direct entry in national level pageants.  The exposure and promotion that the contestants receive is huge!  After all, The Great Pageant Community is followed anyone and everyone who has anything to do with pageants in India.  Most importantly, pageant aspirants get opportunities to improvise and learn.  It’s really a pageant you should do if you are a pageant aspirant.

Testimonials from the contestants

Some of the contestants (past and present) talk about how participation in Miss TGPC has benefited them.  We are glad to hear that!

Testimonials from TGPC Elite Panelists

Some of the elite members of The Great Pageant Community left messages for the three winners of Miss TGPC 2016 and also to team TGPC.  We feel grateful to receive such loving feedbacks.  Love you all!

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  • Reign is over but the real fight just started. Miss TGPC 2016 managed all TGPC related work very sincerely, and also have a very humble personality. TGPC pageant is a great platform for girls who think they don’t have chance to do anything in pageantry, and you now have example of Priyanka Bharti who is now finalist of Femina Miss India, which is a great deal.  Same I am expecting from Bhairavi and Pooja who both deserve a sure entrance in Miss diva or Femina Miss India beauty pageants; there is talent in every one, just some polishing is required and yes TGPC is doing it with complete responsibility.  Always do best!  Love live TGPC😇😇😇 – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • I stumbled upon TGPC group 2-3 years back and since then I’ve been loving my journey here in this group. A big shout out to the admins, you guys are amazing. Thank you for the efforts you all take in making Miss TGPC so happening. You guys have put your blood and sweat into it and I’m so proud to be a part of it.  Thank you for making me an elite panelist for Miss TPGC-2.  My best wishes to Bhairavi who’s represented the brand TGPC at its best with her queenly aura. Pooja you’ve been an absolute stunner, be fabulous always. And Priyanka, TGPC ki shaan, words will fall short to express how proud you’ve made us! Lots of love to our TPGC’s queens, soar higher cause you are destined for the sky! 💝Diksha Pradhan
  • What a fantastic year it was ! So Many special moments are in my heart which i have made here ! I don’t remember how i came to this faboulus TGPC group ! But i must say coming to this group is like best thing i have done in my life ! Have made here life long friends! Miss TGPC was something which have given thousands of opportunity to many girls ! And now it’s time bid them good bye with so many emotions ! Bhairavi is having a great future she did extremely well as miss TGPC back in the year ! Our own priyanka have already proven her self ! She is the real jem of this place ! Pooja is a stunner she will definitely make us proud! And to miss TGPC you guys are doing so good ! Keep doing it it’s just our second season make it to the highest! Kudos miss TGPC, Priyanka,pooja and bhairavi! You all are pride of our group ! TGPC admins thanking for making this elite panel and believing in us ! This all is happening because of u all ! Thank you so much for this !Farhan Akhtar
  • And another successful edition of Miss TGPC will come to an end in a week. And life of all the contestants of this edition will take a big leap after this.In just 2 years miss TGPC have became an Important part of Indian pageantry. Its a platforms to all those girls who fear to participate at national level, who want some real life training,who want to polish the skills. It doesn’t matter if u win or not, even if u got eliminated in the very first week take it as a lesson in life and work over the points told by judges because no platform will provide u things like this so make best out it.   To Miss TGPC 2016 winners Bhairavi,priyanka and pooja. U girls have already made us soo proud in the duration of just 1 year that whole TGPC family is proud of u 3.  And all the miss TGPC contestants this year. Always remember that now u r a part of TGPC family and we are always their to cheer for u. – Tanishq Verma

  • Ohhh so sad!  I want to say Miss TGPC 2016 was an exceptional batch.  We got outstanding Top 3.  That batch is my all-time favorite batch.  Bhairavi, we will always remember ur reign because you are our 1st Miss TGPC and you always proved why you won Miss TGPC.  Wish you good luck, lot more to achive. We know every ending is the new beginning.  Pooja you were a star throughout the Miss TGPC 2016 compition and we know you will always make us proud. So wish you good luck!  Priyanka, Wow you really made the whole TGPC proud!  Good luck for coming pageant! Dennis Hayden
  • I would like to start by saying that it has been an honor to serve on this panel of well respected and influential beautiful people and be a part of the glorious journey of such talented and inspiring women of power. It is exhilarating to find that Pageantry is not a dying field in India. There is still a ray of hope for India to make it BIG again ( like the 90s). All these girls prove that India still has what it takes. Pageantry starts out small but a pebble dropped in water can send ripples. These girls gave their best! They were all phenomenal! I expect great things from them and I smell a glamorous beginning in the world of fashion and entertainment for some of them. I hope to continually be associated with and contribute to this magnificent organization for many years to come. I am grateful to Andreas Sarkar and the whole team for this opportunity to instill these amazing girls with more Love and encouragement to forge ahead into their fields of profession. Creating a platform is difficult but building on this foundation can be even more overwhelming.However, if we have the spark in us and we are purpose driven in life, then nothing is impossible to achieve. It is all about being and staying positive through thick and thin, through highs and lows. Again , it has been a pleasure, privilege and honor to serve.Chris Mabri
  • TGPC has become a window and a guide to the Glamour World. The administrators deserve a huge round applause for your incredible job. God bless you all.  Bhairavi Bhurad, Pooja Sharma and Priyanka Bharti, you three beautiful lasses have been wonderful winners . We are extremely elated to witness your progress in your profession- modelling. You may assume that, I’m selfish , but I do feel that all your triumphs are also ours because ” We are Family.” 😀😍😍  Priyanka’s victorious outcome as Femina Miss India Bihar is one of the biggest instances of our accomplishments. Girls, we are always there to be rooting for you in every endeavour of yours.  I hope and pray that, the rest contestants of last year , and this year’s too, to make us proud in the coming days.  Moreover, the members of the group are very informative, and ever ready to extend a helping hand to their co-members . Kudos to each one in the group. Thank you. Lots of love and respect from me. 😍😍 – Abu Pame
  • It’s Sad that another season of Miss TGPC is coming to and end but being part of Elite Panel for the both the season I am so grateful to Andreas Sarkar – Dipak Shahi & Roopesh Dsouza for giving us such a lovely opportunity to be the part of it…  To the reigning Miss TGPC 2016 Bhairvi Braud thank you for being such a food will ambassador for TGPC.. we tgpicians are so proud of you girl and we wish you all the very besr for your future endeavour may you always reach your milestone and we tgpicians will always there to support you.. to the next Miss TGPC 2017 whoever it will be get ready as Bhairvi has made the level quite high and I am sure the next queen will be able to match it for sure..  To the all the participants winning is not important remember it’s the experience which matters the most and the very best examples is Priyanka Bharti she ended up in top 3 last year and now she is the reining FBB Femina Miss India Bihar 2017.. so always keep your head held high make the most out this opportunity and experience..  lastly once again thank you for allowing us to be the part of this wonderful journey.. <3 <3 Daniel Dsouza
  • Love you TGPC,keep doing well guys. – Diya Singh
  • Firstly,  Its a privilege for me to be a part of this group. Though I’ve never shared my opinions because I’m quite close to some of the contestants and I didn’t want others to call my opinions biased.  Secondly, I have learned a lot from the girls here and the remarks. I now know what are the aspects that judges look for 😉But right now, to be really very honest, its hard to guess who is going to be Miss TGPC 2017 and carry forward this legacy.   Whoever wins, I want the admins to come up with even more successful seasons.   May the best girl win!   Much love and power to you TGPC 💕  – Malosri Basu
  • Finally the day is going to arrive, when the new successor of Miss TGPC will be crowned and our current Miss TGPC, along with the runner-up girl’s reign will end. I’m feeling sad. Indeed feeling, there should be warm farewell. Thank you girls for everything. Wow !! must say that Miss TGPC provided a great platform for girls. Miss TGPC, Bhairavi after winning the competiton looks so transformed,beautiful and confident. Loved the trio. I enjoyed their reign. And the best part, just like major pageants, even our girls are transformed and look prepared for pageant competitions. Bhairavi, Pooja and Priyanka , wish you get more & more success ahead, try for major pageants too. And Priyanka , you made whole #MissTGPC proud. Bhairavi is my favourite, in her transformed look she looks more elegant, beautiful and confident. Like everyone, even I see you as a perfect girl, Miss Diva type. Give your best. ⭐  Good Luck girls !!!Mohit Gaikwad
  • I wish our dear Miss TGPC 2016 Bhairavi , Pooja and Priyanka all the success in their future endeavours 😊 and may they gain accolades in our national pageants with their unique and charming personalities 😊😊you all will always be in our heart…. Thankyou TGPC for making me a part of Elites panel, the credit goes to all the admins, sponsers for working so hard to fullfill someone’s dream….This time it was very hard to judge, all the contestants were super prepared, some were good in ethnic and style icon rounds while some were better in party wear and were articulate. But as a rule there can be only one winner , and I want all of them to go on with their training and become future International pageant winners….make TGPC family proud….Rimzenith Tamang
  • Apart from being a Pleasure.. It is also an honour to be here! I will ALWAYS be there. THANKYOU for having me 💓Nehal Chudasama

This Sunday, 2nd April 2017 at 8 PM we will know the winner of Miss TGPC 2017.  Can you guess who she is?  Don’t miss the final episode!