Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 15: Final 2 [Elite Panel’s Choice]


Elite Panel during Miss TGPC 2017: Adney, Bhavika, Farhan, Mayera, Nehal, Chris, Diksha, Alfaaz, Diya, Rugved, Tanya, Tanishq, Dennis, Mohit, Ritika, Abu, Rimzenith, Daniel, Darshan, Zain, Hemanth.

Here we are in the last week of Miss TGPC 2017.  In less than a week, we will know the winner of Miss TGPC 2017 title.  How exciting!  But at the same time there is some sadness about the show ending.  Nevertheless, something that eases the pain happened yesterday.  Our very own Priyanka Bharti, Miss TGPC 2016 2nd Runner-up, won the title of Femina Miss India Bihar 2017.  How cool is that!

With this positive note, let us meet the choices of the Elite Panel.  In this season of Miss TGPC 2017, 21 premium members of The Great Pageant Community served as judges in the panel.  We are heartily thankful to each and everyone of them.  TGPC thrives because of gems like you!

Elite Panel’s Rankings

1st – Shriya Torne

  • Cute girl with confidence in walk, and knows how to bring on the magic. – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • Her poses in this round were fab!  She needs to improve speaking skills. – Hemanth Macha
  • She’s so bubbly and beautiful.  I love this girl and hope to see her in Miss India one day. – Diya Singh
  • Her consistency in every round and her beaming confidence shows the kind of effort she has made. I really want to see her and Vrushali in the final line up of Femina Miss India someday. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Eloquent, vivacious and energetic. She gives out a very lively aura. She nailed the party wear round in her sexy red gown, brought out her bubbly personality in the style icon round and aced the ethic wear round and that twirl she did in the middle was fab! Overall, she has been very consistent. – Diksha Pradhan
  • She speak so confidently and she is very good in runway – that’s her big plus point. – Dennis Hayden
  • Smart move by her!  She completely changed her videos and selected the best background for all the individual rounds.  But her communication skills, I am not impressed! – Daniel Dsouza
  • She’s Flawless, her styling, her walk. The no. 1 girl, she’s going so smooth, and in every subcontest, she’s Wow. My best wishes for her, also she has good skills in delievering speech, but sometimes, she speaks with little desperation, especially when the recent question was asked. She just needs a very partial improvement in that. Otherwise, she’s an All-Rounder. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • I thought she will win… That walk… Wardrobe… Speech.. on point. Unfortunately she seemed a bit overconfident. : p – Nehal Chudasama
  • A dynamic lass . Sometimes bubbly, sometimes cute, sometimes sexy and beautiful. Her energy, and jolly nature  , and perfect styling took her up to here. She has to work on speaking a little. – Abu Pame
  • Loved her overall performance! She was fabulous in all the rounds. She is very beautiful and has an amazing presence. I hope she wins. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • The final speech was a bit too rehearsed and little over the top. But overall great work young lady. – Ritika Pal

2nd – Vrushali Gaurkar

  • Pretty girl, walk is nice but something is missing; May be her very soft looks are not my choice. – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • She was best in the final question, compared with other finalists.  She has improved a lot from last season.  Best quality in her is that she is a good learner. – Hemanth Macha
  • I’ve loved her from the beginning; she has been very consistent.  She has the potential to be a national pageant winner someday. – Diya Singh
  • She was bang on this time, and she proved this time that she came to win it all.  She has all the qualities to represent us on an international level. Her overall performance and her queenly aura make her a perfect fit for Miss TGPC 2017. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Agreeing to what she had mentioned in her video, she has worked on her flaws by leaps and bounds. Love her persistent nature. She aced the party wear round, she looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous, she was fab in the ethnic round too, she looked very royal and she proved it in the style icon round that and LBD can never go wrong. – Diksha Pradhan
  • Wow, she always surprises us!  Yes, (she has) improved lot. – Dennis Hayden
  • What I liked about her is her transformation and being consistent in all the rounds plus good communication skills, to add the cherry on top of that, is what I think makes her my winner for Miss TGPC 2017. – Daniel Dsouza
  • Also an All-Rounder, her walk is elegant, her speech and also she answers brilliantly. She has that aura. I believe she will win Miss TGPC 2017. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • I used to think.. VRUSHALI is getting that sympathy from everyone judging.. That she’s trying her luck the second time and since this shows her dedication.. She should win…! I never saw her as such though.  But she’s definitely left me speechless with her performance.. I did not see the video quality… Nor the background…  Only her performance… Efforts behind her wardrobe.. And ofcourse a very nice walk.. Expressions.. And CONFIDENCE.  She gave the perfect answer… For why she should be the one winning…she has that aura.. And faith in herself.. She is BHAIRAVI’S successor for me! – Nehal Chudasama
  • One of the best speakers in this year’s batch . She is very natural and mature in speaking. She performed very well in all the rounds . But in Style Icon she was too simple. She ought to be a bit stylish as it was ‘Style Icon’ round. – Abu Pame
  • She has improved a lot from last time. Her efforts are commendable. She has performed well and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Well what a 360 degree this girl has done and her overll amazing performance is the proof of that. – Ritika Pal

3rd – Ashwarya Bali

  • The girl has always been consistently good – like in party wear round to traditional wear round… in terms of walk and facial beauty.  And she has that factor of being called Miss TGPC; she is a delight to watch! – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • Best face! – Hemanth Macha
  • Her performance has improved so much and she has the potential to make TGPC proud. – Diya Singh
  • She really is the best face of the competition.  Her performance really shone in party wear and style icon competitions. All she needs is proper grooming. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • One of the most gorgeous faces in the contest. She’s got the looks, she’s got the body and since the first few rounds, she has gained confidence and enhanced her personality more. Her orientation skills are good. She gave a good performance in the party wear round, style icon: Impressive walk, good styling. Graceful and elegant in the ethnic round. Overall her presentation skills are nice. – Diksha Pradhan
  • She overall has done great till now. – Dennis Hayden
  • Good job on working with the back ground and walk, but she needs to slow down while speaking.  Whenever you speak, make sure that your words are clearly audible to the audience.  Then only one can touch their hearts.  But still she could have done much better in terms of walk. – Daniel Dsouza
  • The cutest girl in this batch, and yes in her speech, she talked soo fluently. She has improved in every round, and after re-shoot,, she was Wow. I believe even she can make the cut, and also could win Miss TGPC 2017. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Perfect face.. Perfect wardrobe.. And walk.. Speaks the best overall.. doesn’t have that edge of the winner which definitely the first one in my list does 💓 – Nehal Chudasama
  • Personally, I liked the previous videos , not these recent ones . She is one of the most gorgeous contestants. She can do very well in both national and international levels with such a look. However, she has to work on her communication skill. – Abu Pame
  • Her performance has been decent throughout. She was nice in the party wear round. If not this time, she should definitely come back next year. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Communication is still weak, but overall one of the most improved girls in the entire competition.… – Ritika Pal

4th – Roma Jee

  • Nice girl!  Cute too.  But she needs some training. – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • Roma has the 2nd best answer in the finale. She seem to be very confident.  Should concentrate on improving her physique. – Hemanth Macha
  • She is a confident girl and has a bright future. – Diya Singh
  • It will be unfair to not include her in top 5 with the kind of performance she had delivered in style icon round.  She has already proved her mettle by fighting her way back through wild card challenge. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • I love her personality, she has come a long way since the first round. Her orator skills are impressive! Her walk was on point in the new video for the party wear round. She was fun and energetic in the style icon, bang on styling and very elegant in the ethnic round. Overall, she has grown as a person in this contest. – Diksha Pradhan
  • Wow she is perfect blend of beauty with brain.  She is going in right direction. – Dennis Hayden
  • She might have not been everyone’s favourite but this girl has shown so much of potential in her.  She did change the video, so a very good move girl.  But still walk wise still needs to work… She can do even better. – Daniel Dsouza
  • These top 3 girls, Shriya, Vrushali, Roma are the stunners in this batch. No doubt, every round they have performed smoothly. Roma, welcome back !!! She was looking more beautiful in that video( interview) and especially in Party Wear Round too… – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Very nice speaker. Wardrobe and walking is what she needs to work on – Nehal Chudasama
  • She performed very well in the first two rounds . But in Party Wear round it wasn’t as I expected. However, her with, intelligence is outstanding. She is very natural, spontaneous and very mature in speaking. The best speaker among all the contestants of both the years. – Abu Pame
  • She has been consistent throughout all the rounds. She is very confident and has performed well. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • The most well prepared girl of the pageant. Overall she is the complete package the competition is looking for. – Ritika Pal

5th – Pallavi Singh

  • Nice height, good figure; but why she is so serious and same (in all rounds). Have a bit of change! – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • She is very serious; (She) should smile more.  Smiling alone can make you win sometimes! – Hemanth Macha
  • She is sexy and fierce.  She better try for Miss Diva in coming years. – Diya Singh
  • She has an excellent walk.  A little styling will take her a long way.  She has to smile a bit. This will add more beauty to her performance. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Another stunner from the lot. We’ve all seen her hardwork and talent. Only thing she needs to work on is her smile and look more expressive. She has a good body and I liked choice of her outfits, it always looked good on her body. She gave good performances in every round. There is room for improvement. Flaunt your smile! – Diksha Pradhan
  • She is consistent throughout till now. Still she needs to be expressive. – Dennis Hayden
  • Being confident is good but being over confident is really bad.  That’s what I can say about Pallavi after hearing her answer. Her performance in the party wear and style icon was really eye catching but she could have changed videos by working on the expert advices. Big risk did it paid off?  For me nope, it might effect her. – Daniel Dsouza
  • I’m big fan of her walk. Even I appreciate her styling. She walks like an International Model. But, I’d love, if she try to do something new, because everytime seeing her performance is usually same, uniform, only the difference is outfits get changed, seems like ordinary. She should try to give some new pose, or if possible going to new places and perform, (background score).
    And second thing, if she smiles, it would be more splendid. ( Chaar Chand Lag Jayenge) – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Walk and wardrobe.. On point.. I am a fan of her body 💓 hopefully she works on her expressions. – Nehal Chudasama
  • She’s not very sweet in speaking, but she’s speaking in natural accent. In each round she has nailed it. She has an angelic beauty with a perfect sense of fashion and styling. She can even stand out in international levels. She’s my bet to be in Senorita top 10 this year by winning Miss TGPC 2017. – Abu Pame
  • Loved her performance in the last round. She has a great sense of style. Wish she worked on her expressions. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • One of the most consistent performer throughout the pageant. Just a little more spark and smile and you will reach very far in life. – Ritika Pal

6th Aarohi Shrivastava

  • Another consistently nice performer; but (she) needs to hold herself a bit while walking. – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • Best in party wear! – Hemanth Macha
  • She’s a beautiful girl and has the potential to do wonders at any pageant. – Diya Singh
  • Aarohi has been a tough contender. Though other contestants had their own forte like some were good in style icon and some were better in party wear and ethnic rounds. But her overall performance shows that she equally performed well in all the rounds. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Pretty face, good height and decent walk. Aarohi has improved alot, she started off as an average but impressed me in the party wear round. She looked no less than a diva. She has worked on herself and I insist her to continue doing so. – Diksha Pradhan
  • She is doing really great.  Her style icon outfit is my favourite till now.  She just needs to work on her speech.  It looked so rehearsed! – Dennis Hayden
  • She has surprised me the most out of all the girls.  Really impressive!  She has worked on the flaws, but needs to work on communication skills.  She needs to open up a bit while speaking. – Daniel Dsouza
  • She has performed very well, in every round. Especially her transformation in Party Round was mind – blowing. Greatly appreciate the Idea of Re-shoot, Aarohi performed very well in Re-shoot with her new transformed look. Especially, when it comes in talking skills, in the speech video, she looked little agile, (bole toh chanchal) . Take your time, be positive, be #Calm, and give your best, dont worry or hesitate. – Mohit Gaikwad
  • I saw her need to win in her speech. She’s put all the effort that she could. But the competition is tough. – Nehal Chudasama
  • She is too beautiful to be left behind. I didn’t like much her Party Wear performance , mainly her outfit. She seemed to be not focused while speaking- too casual. – Abu Pame
  • She’s beautiful and performed well in the last round. The other rounds were good too. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • She is still raw, but has shown growth during the competition. Communication needs to be worked on and more practice can make her better. – Ritika Pal

7th – Honey Dhawan

  • She is one of my favourites, but her walk needs a lot of improvement. – Zain Ulabedin Sabir
  • She’s tall, confident and very stylish! Hope to see more of her. – Diya Singh
  • She was the most elegant in ethnic round.  She too needs to work on her posture and walk.  She has that zeal which describes her as a confident persona. – Rimzenith Tamang
  • Confident, beautiful, fierce. She aced the ethnic round in her minimal white saree. Bang on styling in the style icon round. Though she needs to improve her walk. Party wear she was good, could have done better. – Diksha Pradhan
  • She is consistent from beginning and her overall performance is nice.  She needs to work on her communication skills. – Dennis Hayden
  • Sorry I am not happy with her performance!  She started out with a bang in the traditional wear, but her party wear and style icon is the weakest performances.  The criss cross walk… it’s a BIG NO NO!She could have changed those videos.  Only her traditional wear can give her good placement, but about rest two videos I can’t say anything. About her answer I think could have done better. – Daniel Dsouza
  • Honey is the most beautiful girl in the whole batch. She has the best sense to pick her outfits. I expected that, like other girls, even Honey should try for a re-shoot, with a good walk or  try to change in Party Wear. If she did so, she’d be definately placed in No. 4 by me. She’s very beautiful, a positive aura and also she was looking a diva in FB Live video, answering everyone, charmingly! – Mohit Gaikwad
  • Her figure is beautiful. In my opinion there was no such round where she did very well. But in Ethnic round, she did better. She should not be speaking fast . It was like she memorised n recited . If she works harder , she can do very well because she has the potential. – Abu Pame
  • Wasn’t too impressed with her performance in the party wear round. Overall performance was nice. – Bhavika Manghwani
  • Girl slow down while speaking or else the face of the competition. – Ritika Pal


Shriya Torne gets a direct entry to Top 3 of Miss TGPC 2017!

Check out how Miss TGPC has positively affected the lives of it’s contestants in the next episode.  We will also pay a tribute to the winners of Miss TGPC 2016.  Don’t miss it – 31/03/2017, 8 PM.

Also, this Sunday 2nd April 2017, 8 PM, we will know the successor of Bhairavi Burad.  Yes, the new Miss TGPC winner will be announced then.  So exciting! 🙂