Miss TGPC 2017, Episode 7: Ethnic Wear Competition Results [Meet the Top 12]

Ethnic Judges
Esteemed Panel of Judges: Melvyn Dominic Noronha, Rewati Chetri, Pooja Priyanka, Swati Nanda, Rajkanya Baruah

On Wednesday, the Elite Panel revealed their choice for the Ethnic Wear competition and she was Shriya Torne!  As a result, Shriya got a direct entry to the Top 12.  The rest of the 11 spots are to be filled based on the scores of the judges.  Before we know the complete Top 12 and the score-sheet, let us go through the comments from TGPC experts on the performances of Top 15 in the round.

Kindly note that the experts were not involved in the judging process.  These comments are independent from judges’ evaluation.

Expert Commentaries

Contestant What we liked What could be better
Aarohi Beautiful face and height, nice walk, decent styling. Scope of improvement in overall presentation in terms of energy.
Adwitiya Decent walk. Better styling required.
Ahina Beautiful eyes, nice expressions at head-ramp. Walk and styling need improvement.
Ashwarya Angelic face, nice walk and styling. Show more energy in walk.
Ekta Good body, and modelesque look. Huge scope of improvement in walk and presentation.
Honey Lovely saree, nice walk, good background, impressive presentation. Scope of improvement in walk (No criss crossing of legs).
Mahima Beautiful face and nice dressing. Show more confidence in walk. Practice is all you need.
Monisha One of the best walks in the bunch. Styling was nice, but could be better.
Pallavi Decent walk and presentation. Choice of location enhanced the overall presentation. Styling could be better. Consider a wide grin, have fun while walking!
Poonam Looking cute in Bengali ethnic wear. Scope of improvement in overall presentation and walk.
Priya Elegant presentation. Scope of improvement in walk and styling.
Roma Nice presentation, good styling, good walk. Scope of improvement in overall presentation.
Shriya One of the best walks in the bunch, good styling. Walk is little bouncy at times, scope to make it more graceful, especially because it was ethnic round.
Snowlika Good energy, good height. Walk in Indian wear requires more elegance.
Vrushali Good styling, good presentation. Scope of improvement in overall presentation.


Miss TGPC 2017 Ethnic Round Score
Note: As stated before, highest and lowest scores of contestants have been removed to avoid any (unintended) bias and then the average scores from the judges have been taken.

Top 12

Snowlika, Honey, Roma, Aarohi, Monisha, Ashwarya, Mahima, Priya, Vrushali, Pallavi, Ekta, Shriya

Our best wishes are with Ahina, Adwitiya and Poonam.  TGPC will always support them in their future endeavours!  And who knows, one of them might get a chance to join the competition back through the wild-card challenge!  Details about the same to be revealed in coming episodes.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Episode 8, Style Icon Competition – Episode Video (12/03/2017, 8 PM) – Top 12 competes in the Style Icon competition.
  • Episode 9, Style Icon Competition – Elite Panel’s Choice (15/03/2017, 8 PM) – The Top choice of the Elite Panel (Premium members of The Great Pageant Community – Group) gets direct entry to the Party Wear competition.
  • Episode 10, Style Icon Competition – Results (17/03/2017, 8 PM) – The scoring by the esteemed panel of judges shall be revealed and combined average scores will determine the second elimination of the competition.

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Style Icon competition will be fun!  Don’t miss Episode 8. 🙂